• It depends on what you commit to Egypt and what Italy buys.

    If you bring stuff from India, then yes Egypt will hold.

    If you bring all UK air, then yes Egypt will hold.

    If Germany stations some air in Alexandria with the Italian stack, it may be able to do some damage on ships in the Red sea.  Or, depending on the size of the British fleet at Gibraltar, German subs/air can take it out, even with 3 fighters scrambling.

    If Italy keeps its fleet from turn 1 (only the ships at Malta die), they can block the SZ 92 fleet from interfering for one turn and land 4 support land units in Alexandria (or Syria if they don’t have the odds on Egypt turn 3) with its North Africa troops.  German air land there turn 3.  From there it depends on what you committed to Egypt.  Even if Italy cannot take it, they can tie down lots of UK assets there that would otherwise help in other areas.

    If you dropped units in Syria, they can get the free Iraq units and be a pain in the Mid East.

    My whole point of this is the attack on the Italian fleet is totally worth losing the starting British fleet in the Med, for Italy never recovers if you keep the heat on.

  • Or, if you’d rather keep the British fleet in the med, going to the Red sea first turn then 2nd turn moving back into SZ 98 with an airbase and air on Egypt is better than SZ 92.

  • @ghr2:

    UK places a minor turn 2 in egypt, and possibly a full transport in south africa.

    Well, if all/most UK purchases are going to Africa, then yes Egypt may hold.  German bombers could bomb Egypt IC, and/or German air can try taking out the British fleet at SZ 98 (with or without the airbase in Egypt).

    I agree though, an IC does make it difficult on the Axis- perhaps Germany has to feign sealion to prevent an early British IC there…

  • What makes you think there is a uk fleet in 98?

  • UK would not of stacked 92 if Germany had odds on it.

  • A G1 sealion feint is even more reason to stack 92, germany will have bad odds on london turn 3.  And this helps russia a lot, so its worth leaving egypt out in the wind if you are holding london.

  • German air protecting alex makes things easier for london defense.

  • @ghr2:

    What makes you think there is a uk fleet in 98?

    I meant that the UK can mass in 98 instead of 92 or it may end up there if it attacks the Italian fleet after it moved there to land troops.

  • ghr2,

    I’m not really arguing you- I actually agree that UK has to put pressure on Italy early.  I think that if you go ‘all-in’ on Egypt it may be a better play than SZ 92.  Just trying to look at it from the Axis perspective.  They must put pressure on Cairo early or it will be a very tough nut to crack indeed (if the UK spends money there).

    Do you have fleet in 92 and build an IC in Egypt?  It seems like a weak hold on Egypt if you don’t have ships in the Eastern Med.

    The last thing the British want (outside of London falling) is Italy to take Cairo and build an IC there.

    If you have Italian troops in the Mid east than that is a big headache for the Allies.

  • UK1 stack 92, build airbase gib with 3 figs and bomber (after clearling 110 or 106 or both)if u can manage without holding algeria, or no airbase, and stack algeria either building ic egypt round 1 or 6 inf, fighter for london. (this depends on what germany does, but I am going off the standard france/110/111/106/yugo)

    UK2, either move back to london to defend sealion or super stack egypt with up to 5 fighters, 1 strat, 1 tac, land units that start there, factory/south africa buy if no factory uk1.  If you can, then you can use some of the ground from egypt and the tac/strat to clear sudan uk2.  UK3, keep buying down south and maybe factory persia, clear out italian mid east units (possibly with some air from india supporting).

  • Not sure I like risking a non-land buy UK1.  I typically see 6 Inf, 1 Fighter built by UK in London round 1.

  • UK1 would be airbase 1 inf 1 fighter or 4 inf save 1, since u can have 7 fighters in uk UK2, it seems safe

  • Well, what is Italy to do then?  Sounds hopeless in the Med for the Axis.

  • My point is that you are not forced into a 97 attack every game, you can potentially stack 92 and still keep the pressure on italy while covering for a sealion.

  • I remember people talking about a KAF in pacific only, I just have a hard time seeing it work here since the US can potentially block his heart out on turn 2 and 3 if any transports were in range of either coast.

  • Assuming that germany is in gib on G2, if Japan declares turn 2, then at most, he has 6 loaded transports with 6 planes in range of the west coast.  US drops 10 units in West US and lands some air.  Not counting the potential blocking he could do.  UK moves the canadians down, and/or US can block germany or just super stack east coast.  Either way, they have no turn 3 attack on the US, So that is another round of big unit stackage.  Turn 4 will have italy clear blockers but the US will stilll have a large defense ready.

    Turn 3 Declare would mean that US still blocks a japan and so then the income for the turn can be focused on the east coast.  If the US can at least delay to turn 5, then the axis have lost their only real window.

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