• Possible scenario:
    CP strat:Go all-out on the Western Front, trying to capture Paris and Rome with Germany and Austria respectively. Ottoman Empire tries to stay alive and be as big a chore for the Allies as possible.

    Allies strat: Stall the German offensive in France with France, the US and a little help from Britain, too. Russia goes on the offensive against Austria, holding the line against Germany. Britain goes almost completely all-out on the OE, while Italy tries to stay alive.

    If these are the strategies applied by both sides, a possible game might look something like this:
    Germany manages to take/contest Burgundy right at the gates of Paris, but is then stopped by the Allied forces – a longer series of contested-tt battle ensue (trench warfare for ya, guys). Austria slowly manages to creep its way towards the Italian heartlands, finally taking Rome. By then, Russia would have had at least four or five turns without any counter-offensives from the CPs and will probably be close to Vienna – the Austrians move their units back to defend/counter the Russians. The OE is quickly knocked out of the game, their capital probably falling right about the same time as Rome.
    With Africa and the Middle East under complete Allied control and the Russians advancing with help from the British from Constantinople and beyond, the Eastern Front, too, will be locked in dead water. At this point, Austria and Germany will probably acknowledge that with no gains on either front and an economy still smaller than that of the Allies, the game is already up and they quit before Vienna/Berlin is taken.

    This is how I imagine one of my games would be as of now.
    I don’t know about you guys, but when I play, either side always gives up before the given number of VC are captured, simply out of economic reasons. It does save a lot of time…

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    I need to know if the Allies can invade non-aligned neutrals. If they can, then Norway and Persia may play a big part in my Allied strategy.

    With the CP Swiss roll in the west while holding a defensive line along Poland-Galicia-Romania.

    For a more aggressive approach in the east, the Baltic sea looks of critical importance.

  • May be beneficial to gang up on Russia to force revolution rules early so its a (mostly) one front war.

  • The problem with ganging up on Russia is that it takes 6 or 7 turns to move your men from the East to the West. Is it possible to hold a full-income France, Italy and US back that long? Perhaps…

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    Please review the thread below “Is Germany screwed?”.

    Although, with the Baltic sea being a single SZ, and presumably any Russian navy there disbanded with the revolution, this seaway could cut the time in half.

    I’ve also suggested that CP units on Russian soil when the treaty is signed can be immediately returned to their respective capitals, to be brought back into play as per new units on the next turn.

    But of course in reality they’d be bundled on the nearest west-bound train and would be in France in a week or two.


    The problem with ganging up on Russia is that it takes 6 or 7 turns to move your men from the East to the West. Is it possible to hold a full-income France, Italy and US back that long? Perhaps…

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    However, reviewing Larry’s Russian report, it seems that only Russian units outside Russia are removed:

    If the revolution occurs, the Imperial government is replaced with a republic. As a consequence of this, an armistice will be signed with the Central Powers, effectively removing Russia from the war, and the game. All Russian units outside of original Russian territories or Russian-controlled territories are immediately removed from the board, and Russia will no longer have a turn. I suggest that if this optional rule is used, one Allied player should control both Russia and the United States.

    So, for some reason, Russian units in home tt remain in place even though Russia is “out of the game”.

    So, can players still attack Russian tt with remaining Russian fighting back?

  • '16


    May be beneficial to gang up on Russia to force revolution rules early so its a (mostly) one front war.

    Maybe… Maybe not.

    Keep in mind that the victory conditions for the Central Powers requires them to at least be in control of either London or Paris. By the time you force Russia out of the game, France will be more difficult to take. Not many casualties would be inflicted on them as it could have if Germany focused on them, also USA and UK might have a larger presence there.

    The more I think of it, the more I like Flashman’s idea for a Paris-Rome push.

  • With Italy only having a starting economy of 14 and not much potential for gain, I’d think the Paris-Rome strategy is the best for the CP. Roll over Italy first then overwhelm France in a two front or all encompassing front war.

  • I will try out my own round scenario
    There will be 10 rounds each representing half a year
    Round 1 (Aug-Dec1914)
    Round 2 (Jan-Jun 1915) Italien entry ( I will also try out Italy as a member of the Dreibund attacking the french in the south)
    Round 3 (Jul-Dec 1915)
    Round 4 (Jan-Jun 1916) Everyone is now allowed to build tanks
    Round 5 (Jul-Dec 1916)
    Round 6 (Jan-Jun 1917) US entry
    Round 7 (Jul-Dec 1917)
    Round 8 (Jan-Jun 1918) Russian exit, German units in Russia that werent needed for occupation are allowed to move to berlin in one turn (Rail Movement Bonus)
    Round 9 (Jul-Dec 1918)
    Round 10 (Jan-Jun 1919)

    (Maybe the Rail Movement Bonus will be in Round 7 to give Germany the chance to reinforce the western front for its Michael-Offensive in Spring 1918)

    Counting the days till March 19th…

  • @Chacmool:

    Counting the days till March 19th…

    That’s October 19th!

    All silliness aside, I still fail to see why a long-run strategy is not viable. Germany holds line in France, then expand rapidly east for INCOME. This should be enough to continue the war, with half of Russias IPCs. Austria pushes mainly in defense of the Ottomans, Pushing together for Suez, to knock out ANZAC. All the while, Ottomen push north, again to gain the income needed for a long war. While fighting the commonwealth, Austria slowly invades Italy. Greece, Albania, Serbia, and Romania Should be enough to be a long run contender on their part. Along with a weak Italy, Austria can hold the game for a while.
        Ottomen must push towards a capitol as well. Bombay represents the central goal of the Turks. Between split British forces, German and Austrian pressure in Africa (little, but enough to suck up resources), and Austrian support, Ottomen should be able to take Bombay, effectively ending the war in the South.
        Germany has thus far held or even lost it in measured amounts. However, Italy can now do little to help France against the Hammer-Anvil Strategy, and Paris will be lost
    They say you only need 2 capitols to win, but you need three. Bombay is imperative.

  • Time is on the side of the Allies as their economies have greater growth potential, America’s entry into the war and the British blockade of Germany strains the CP to their limits. France starts

    off with only 24 IPC but will gain 2 from Portugal, 3 from Portuguese and Belgian colonies and more from the German colonies (which will inevitably fall). America can send its army to any front

    it is needed most while the Central Powers economies struggle to sustain their losses against overwhelming odds.

  • What my envisioned first turn as Great Britian:

    Depending on the naval situation, I will most likely buy a transport and a sub (skip the transport if the germans don’t sink the Canadian fleet) and then inf for the rest of the buy.

    In europe don’t do much except for send the first batch of troops out to France, most likely just two from England into picardy or some provincec behind the sea, the same with the canadian corp if possible.

    Now it’s time to go after the sick man of europe.

    Do Larry’s Transjordan move, bringin over 1 inf and 1 art from Bombay and attacking  Trans Jordan.

    At the same time have the fleet in SZ 19 sail into the red sea, pick up the Inf from Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, sail to sz 27, and drop the inf off in Arabia mobilizing the army there (I assume Arabia is worth 1 so that’s an inf and an art right there for free).

    Meanwhile, the Bombay army (5 inf and 1 art) invades Persia.

    I assume a smart German player would take both nigeria and the gold coast so in Africa i will most likely just position my army to counter German moves until the french get at least two infantry into the area.

    Assuming I don’t get terrible dice rolls I all of a sudden have created a wall of death around the south eastern borders of the Porte, forming a solid block in the south that I can then simply put as a threat in being in the southern flank, whilst on the East front I have linked up with the Russians and (hopefully) stopped any Ottoman aggresion against the Russians on the Ottomans first turn.

    Right off the bat this would put the Porte on the defensive, and make up for any lost IPC I might have lost in Africa. With a relatively small starting army and small income to aford anything better than a few infantry every turn, if both the Russians and British (mostly British) heavily pressure the Ottomans I don’t see the Porte coming out on the winnign end without at least Habsburg assistance, which the Habsburgs may or may not be able to give.  Keeping at least one british Transport off of Bombay, every turn I can plop down Infantry and artillery and then transport it wherever it needs to be in that theater (naval invasion of Mesopotamia, reinforce Trans-Jordan, or even africa) If I ever feel comfortable I’ll even plop down a fighter, something that will almost certainly give me total air supremecy over the theater.

    Ah, I can taste the glory even now  :mrgreen:

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    This sort of scenario is why I proposed an NO for France depending on the UK having a minimum of 5 ground units in France.

    Britain was commited to stopping Germany rolling over France and Belgium; I would actually impose a limit of 1 new unit per turn in India, or a maximum of 2 infantry. Otherwise this spawning point is looking too powerful.

  • I doubt you will be able to afford placing more than 1 or two infantry a turn in Bombay, but at the first turn there is really no way to get British troops over to France in meaningful numbers, so Britian is basically free to go for this strategy unless they deem beating the German navy to be a bigger priority.

  • Customizer

    I would suggest a limited spend of 6 IPCs per turn on colonial units.

    For Bombay this could involve then 2 infantry, an artillery, a fighter or a transport. As I suggested, these have to be designated for Bombay when they are bought, you cannot decide to place them in India at the end of your turn.

    If including my Askaris suggestion these too would come under the remit of colonial spending which would then apply to all powers.

  • A strong Navy in the Southeast med. Should keep British transports of their back, although they can still pump trans jordan.

  • Between British India and Russian forces I’m not sure the Porte will have much time to pump out a fleet, a sub or two maybe but the British have a strong fleet down there and they don’t have to ever move out of the red sea.

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