• i really love this map! okay, it’s not out yet so i’m being a bit hasty, but still…
    everybody says it’s static: great!
    emphasis is finally on strategy instead of tactics (so: shoudl i send 2 tactical bombers or 1 fig and tactical being game concluded replaced by 'should i send full forces against France first, or try to take out italy and russia first so i have enough rescourses…)
    and also: the possiblities: there are atleast 2 ways to play any faction! (okay, not Italy, but others like GB, Germany, Russia etc have 3 fronts). You go for quick Schlieffenplan? ok. you want to win the war of attrition? good aswell!

    • only question i have is that a war of attrition migh not be winnable… so a ‘tight schedule’ is neccesary
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    How quick is quick when it takes Germany 3 turns to get new units to the front?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like what I’ve read about the game so far, but I do feel the Germans have been fatally handicapped.

    And giving East Prussia to Congress Poland is wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • but you’re dissapointed cause the game is quite simple and without a bizallion complex idiot rules ^^
    if germany produced closer to France, perhaps France wouldn’t have had a chance.
    and where does it say only capitols can produce new units?

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    Read the reports: all new units are placed in the capital; no factories.

    Its a question of authenticity not complexity. I’m completely sold on the relatively few unit types, though I still think there’s a case for bombers…

    I want the map to look like the western world in 1914, not a parallel universe in which the Congress of Vienna awarded East Prussia to Poland.

    Above all, I want a game in which strategy feels authentic because units move around the map in a realistic way, and in this era that means by train.

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    But no armored trains.

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    O.K. - only ONE armoured train, for the Czech Legion to bomb up and down the Trans-Siberian railroad in:


  • i know my Russian history, no need for wikipedia ^^
    things you say are facts we can all agree to. i thought trains would be something like 2 moves in NCM in your hometerritories and/or those of friendly powers.

  • I look forward to playing this game.

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