• Just got the game and am wondering about opening moves for Japan

  • This can depend on how the R1/UK1 went (and how much your “valued” axis ally screwed you)
    Assumptions: EI Fleet wiped out, UK CA survived, UK FTR in India, 2UK FTRs in WRus, Buryatia or Yakut is stacked, 1 Russian inf added to Schezwan. Aus Transport w/2inf in SZ30 (to reinforce India UK2). Burma inf retreats to India
    You assume that the Allies are focused on knocking out Japan first.  Buy 2 Trans/CV (I do also like 3Trans/3inf) for this situation.
    If Yakut stacked, send 1inf into Buryatia. If Buryatia stacked, 3inf/FTR from Manchuria, Bomber/FTR from Japan.
    Send Shanghai’s 4inf into Anwhei, use Manchuria FTR (use FIC FTR if hitting Buryatia).
    Send inf/art from Hong Kong, inf/art from Phillipines, inf/tank from Japan, 2inf/art/FTR from FIC and BB to Yunan.
    NCM/Placing buys:
    You need to consider having both CVs in position to have FTRS and protecting your transports. Your Caroline fleet/SS need to pull back.  Place the SS at Borneo.  Caroline Fleet can go to FIC and/or Japan.  This is just one of several routes to go, but if India/EI fleet is not the focus of the allies, then you just need to use your two transports and FIC to land in Burma (buy 2trans/IC for EI).  Leave the Russians completely alone and hit China where you can for IPCs.  You shouldn’t be able to hit India J2, but you can make them regret they didn’t think more about India when they had an opportunity.
    The great thing about Japan is you have options.  Just beware of a US buildup in the Solomons…they want to take Borneo or the Phillipines from you.  Don’t chase, just have a counter that won’t frak you.

    Don’t attack PH. This is even more important to not do if you lost your EI fleet.  Attacking PH will knock Japan out of the game instantaneously because you will lose that fleet as well.

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