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    I need some War at Sea practice. Also, I think it would be cool to simulate a closed box league.

    Does MapView support War at Sea?

  • In the WAS forum I was trying to get some people to test out a few things, and via PM I had a volunteer start to help locate the image files needed for a module, but he disappeared.  With a little help tracking down map/unit images or making simple image files for things I could setup the same thing I did for AAM.  Back when that was active I posted directions on how to make unit images (still pinned) and I updated the modules every week as images were provided.  I also posted the completed source (xml and images) for the modules for others to help.

    Is a “closed box league” like a sealed deck tourney for MtG?  (Ahh, the good old days)

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    Yeah, I meant sealed box.

    They do the sealed box leagues at the conventions. You get a starter and two random boosters and then construct a force. Each time you win (or lose) you get more pieces, I can’t recall how this part works but I’ll get the details.

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