• Kyrial, you probably have more experince than me at this game but i find this strategy works.

    What I do is send the 2 British fighters to Western Canada. Then as America build an Ac plus subs. On the British turn land the fighters on the Ac.

    Supposing its 1 hit bbs, then the japs should have 2 bbs, an Ac, and 1, maybe 2 fighters. So that fleet versus the Anglo-American forces of 1 bb, 1 Ac, 2 subs, 2 fighters, and a transport. If Japan was lucky they might be able to beat that fleet!

    Next turn Britain flies Fighters to East Canada and America lands more fighters on Ac and builds what it sees necassary.

    By crippling Japans economy i didn’t exactly mean that only, hopefully if the Brits play well they might have some of Eastern China.

    Even if Germany does slaughter the allies in Africa theyre doomed once Japan has fallen.

  • MB, I am a little late to this discussion, but…

    It sounds like you spent a # of turns building the US fleet and waiting to go against Japan. This is a waste in my opinion(what else would I post?)

    MacArthur had a famous line he used in the Philippines. It was built around the phrase"…too late…".

    I prefer the 1-2-3 v Germany. All the Allies are closer and can mass on Germany in better combinations. The problem you had with your game was that there was only one main press on Germany for most of the game(from R w/love.)

    If you try to press on G & J at the same time you get little result.

    If you focus on Japan there is more minor fine tuning that may be forgotten. If one attack fails or one ally forgets to reinforce another(R shipping 1 inf east each turn, an IC in US Sin, an IC in UK Ind or AES.)

  • I personally dont like going all out on the Germans. I think Japan gets way too strong, way too fast. In my games as the allies I ALWAYS atleast threaten Japan as UK and/or USA.

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    I personally dont like going all out on the Germans. I think Japan gets way too strong, way too fast. In my games as the allies I ALWAYS atleast threaten Japan as UK and/or USA.

    have you ever raid the jap shipping with subs?

  • Yes making the Japanese build naval units to protect their transports is a good idea. It lets India get a break for a turn or two.

  • Ok, Drumstix I see your point on wanting to get at Japan because you’re right if Japan loses out Germany is in tough straits…

    As Japan I wouldn’t contest your American fleet until you were basically right on top of the home Islands or something I consider very strategic in the Pacific like the Phillipines (worth 3).

    Heh, there are so many ways to play this game… I find that when I am America it works better if I help get Germany out of Africa and restore the UK IPC base so they can take up a great deal of the slack against Germany, thus releasing me to go against Japan. Plus, as I said in my other post (somewhere…) once UK and USA are sending a good amount of troops to fight Germany it lets Russia shore up the defense against Japan. Japan has to keep expanding to win, they need the IPC base desperately. So the sooner you can contest their expansion the better for the allies. At least that’s how I play it but I do see how you could make a legitimate stab at Japan with an American fleet and the UK fighters.

    Mind you, if I am Germany and I see not only the UK fighters going WEST instead of EAST (to defend Russia) and I also see a US fleet in the WEST I will start filling to Panzers with diesel and Russia had better pray that they get some really nice rolls by G3 or else I’ll be storming into Moscow before Japan has really been threatened. :evil:

  • Well as Britain I bomb Germany constantly to lower their IPCs.
    But I see what you mean, whichever game I play like this Germany gets really strong, but once Japan falls, America and Britain have it in the bag.

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