Russian Navy

  • If russia and germany are not at war can russian ships pass through sea zones that have german naval units in them? second question, can russian naval units end their turn in the same sea zone as german navy?

  • Or does this fall under no restrictions besides what US can do and passage of straits? Which then would allow all moves posted above.

  • If Germany and the USSR are not at war with each other, their ships ignore  each other for naval movement (meaning they can move through and/or end their move in sea zones with the other nation’s ships).

    As you said, the only restrictions are on the USA and passage through straits.

  • When Russia and Germany are not at war they may move Naval Units through the same seazones. They may also end their movement in the same seazone. The only exception is the Danish strait (sz 112 to 113). If Russia wants to move through here while not at war with Germany then they have to get permission from the German player to do so. This includes submarines.

  • Thanks.

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