• If G is attacking a combined UK/US navy with only air, and the naval fleet consists of subs, destroyers, carriers and fighters, can the Allies take the subs as casualties (fodder) due to the presence of friendly destroyers?  My initial thought was YES because the rules provide that destroyers cancel the “cannot be hit by air” ability of subs, thus the Allies have the option of leaving their subs in the battle as long as they also have a destroyer in the battle.  However, reading the rules again it looks like the attacker (G in this case) would have to attack with a destroyer in order to cancel the “cannot be hit by air” ability of the Allies’ subs and the Allies can’t unilaterally cancel this ability of their own subs with their own destroyers.  Can someone clarify?

  • Only enemy (in this case: German) DDs cancel the “cannot be hit by air units” submarine ability. So, the Allies cannot take the submarines as losses if they are attacked by german air without a german DD.

    I have always been sceptical about this rule. Imho, it would make more sence if the “cannot be hit by air units” was an option for the defender, rather than an erga omnes rule. Because, since the attacker most of the times wants only to destroy the defender’s TTs rather than his entire fleet, he is actually compelled to leave his DDs behind, in order to prevent the defender from using his subs as fodder.

    I understand this would be, prima facie, in favour of the Allies. But it could also increase the german med fleet survivability.

  • Seems counter-intuitive because generally speaking air units CAN hits subs, thus the defending power should have the option of allowing its subs to participate.  Nevertheless, thanks for the rule clarification.

  • its ALL counter-intuitive because generally speaking, if the attacking force doesn’t want to kill subs, they wouldn’t aim at subs  :lol:  I can’t think of any tactics that would force the attacker to dispatch the subs before the transports, but thems the rules.

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