• Hello there, I’m new to the forum, and love the game. I typically win with the axis by sandwiching Moscow late game. However I have a hard time on my G1, and need some help on what to do with my Baltic navy, and reinforcing the Mediterranean navy. I’ve experimented with an expensive build consisting of 1 bomber, 2 subs, 1 destroyer, and 1 transport in the Mediterranean. I place all naval units there as well as the bomber since there will be little left in Berlin. I feel this is the only time I can strengthen my navy and bully the allies trying to invade Africa as well as secure my campaign. But my major question is what to do in the Baltic? Also, if I send Japanese aircraft west, where are the strategic landing locations.

    I typically just buy ground forces on G1 but if I lose my bomber or any expensive piece, I find myself always hard pressed for advance strategy late game where those pieces are needed.

  • Without knowing more about what Japan is doing I can not predict how to help you.
    But here is one interesting read.

    Hobbes also has an alternate and more agressive plan
    Hobbes also has an alternate and more agressive plan

  • Yes, My japan goal is always to invade the continent with as much infantry and artillery as possible, while strategically using my aircraft. Ill drop units off in India if it gets too scary down there but Ill keep dropping in siberia if not.

    My end game plan is always adjusting, this is me mainly asking what to do with my german subs that are in the baltic. It seems I cannot move them anywhere without the british battleship attacking. I Could always try to kill it on G1. But this is slightly risky, but iv’e won without taking it out, and prefer to use the sub against the cruiser in the Med. Is it pretty much mandatory to take out the Battleship in SZ2 on G1?

    Plus the fact that british and allied aircraft can hit my Battleship in SZ13 unless I take Gibralter (I like to take this to avoid that if I use my Battleship there. However it is essential to kill the destroyer in SZ15. I sometimes build another transport, to get 5 units into africa on G2 (1 is in gibralter). I sort of fix the mistake Hitler made in ww2, and build more subs, they compliment the battleship, but make the navy more suseptible to aircraft fire (Not a huge problem if Gibralter is under Nazi Province though.

    I have a lot of odd questions but I suppose I want to know if buying 2 subs and a destoryer is viable in the Mediterrainian, as well as what to do with the baltic navy (as mine usually is sunk by B1).

  • Interesting. I’ve had a similar within as well. I’m considering Two CV; one in med and one in Baltic. Land two fighters there in non-combat phase. With a BB to absorb hits, and planes to hit hard, I think a defensive fleet in the med works.

    As for the Baltics, the real question is what do you do with your subs. I’ve done a sub attack on UK BB and it basically forces UK to build a navy if they ever want to threaten an invasion. On the other hand, US is free to operation Torch in tge very next turn. I can’t help but feel that I prefer a knocked out US fleet than a knocked out British one.

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