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Russian Neutrality

  • The Soviet Union, due to its separate treaties with Germany and Japan, was in a unique position in its relationship with the Axis powers. As a result, if the Soviet Union is at war with Axis powers on only one map, it is still under the restrictions of being a neutral power (see Powers That Begin the Game Neutral, pg. 15) on the other map. In other words, a state of war with Japan lifts those restrictions from the USSR on the Pacific map only, and a state of war with Germany and/or Italy lifts those restrictions on the Europe map only.

    Does this statement allow the UK to declare war on the Japanese if the Japanese are at war with Russia.

  • Sigh n/m not thinking thats what that is.

  • He meant to say that UK can declare war, as it always can, but the consequences (USA not stepping in) stay the same. Russian-japanese situation doesn’t influence UK.

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