East and West

  • Has anyone played East and West (Warsaw Pact vs. NATO set in 1948) from Imp Games? I just received it and would love any strategies, suggestions for either side before my friends and I delve into total chaos in our first game. Thanks! 🙂

  • Is anyone familiar with this variant at all? :-?

  • I too recently purchased East and West. I haven’t yet come up with the best strategies, but I think I have the right idea. When playing the Soviet Union I’ve learned that Paris is probably the capital that you want to take as quickly and as efficiently as you can. This will provide the Soviet Union with the vital industrial complex they need to make strategic bombing runs on London and then eventually take out America’s capital. As the Americans will probably be pounding away as you in North Korea, you should probably make good use of your industrial complex and naval forces in Eastern Siberia. Also, since the Soviets are so badly outnumbered at the beginning of the game, you should probably place a diplomacy spy in one of the neutral countries, most notably China, since they come in favoring the Soviets. However spies work well with any country. 🙂
    The best Western Europe strategy that I’ve tried is to use the forces in Turkey and Greece to wreak havoc on the Soviet forces in the eastern front, to draw units away from your capital. Sometimes, enough Turkish forces may survive the assault on Georgia so that you can take the Soviet’s capital in two moves. 🙂
    Britain’s best strategy is to bide their time defending Western Europe’s capital as they build up their forces in London. When you have a big enough air force, assault Karelia or Omii. Karelia would probably be best since it gives you a vital industrial complex on the European mainland. The forces that you have in Asia should be used to take Turkmenistan and Kazachstan, giving Western Europe valuable assistance and you I.P.C.'s.
    America should do the same as Britain. Bide their time defending Paris. However, what sometimes works best is to launch a full-scale assualt against North Korea, Eastern Siberia, and Kamchatka. Once these terrritories are taken, you have an open road to Moscow.
    Well I hope these are helpful to you and enjoy East and West.

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