World War 2 in the West= best varient ever!

  • this varient is awesome. Its called World War 2 in the West and is a map 40’’ by 48’’ so it is huge! It is based in europe before germany invaded poland. the map goes from iceland to the Urals and from finnland to Saudi arabia and is hexed based. It comes with a set of rules where almost everything is different. You can find a describtion of the game at or you can email the guy at What i really like about this game is every country is playable from ireland-yugoslavia, i will post more info later cause im supposed to be working right now

  • I just hope it isn’t overly complicated or terribly long.

  • it takes a while to get used to some of the changes but if u go through the rule book once and just remember the big stuff you can go to the manual for smaller stuff,
    it is a length game though, i have heard of people playing for 18 hours and only going through 1/4 of the game! the map is hand drawn, but very good quality, and very detailed with mountainsrivers and fortifications(maginot, siegfried line). its 2-5 players but more can be played if they play smaller countries. the main countries are Germany(of course!), Russia(usuable plays as poland also), Britan, USA(comes in on the december 1941 turn, the game is played in months, half months and years) France, Italy(only come in after france surrenders), and Finnland. Roumania, Bulgaria, and Hungary are the axis minors and come in when germany invades russia.

    I found this game very realistic and balanced. This game finishes what a&a europe couldnt. u can check out the dudes website at

  • 2007 AAR League

    It sounds pretty complicated, but I think I’ll check it out.

  • if any one is interested in this game i can post game examples, and i can send pictures of setup(with creators permission) setup is cool to look at since every country in europe has and army

  • 2007 AAR League

    Sure, I wouldn’t mind seeing the setup as long as it isn’t too much trouble. Thanks.

  • Please do!

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