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  • Can anyone point me to a thread where it talks about good first turn moves for A&A Global 1940? I’m specifically looking for Turn 1 German, Japan and UK first moves. If there are any threads that talk very specifically about what units go to what spaces/SZ’s, that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks VERY much in advance!

  • About two posts above yours…. good info, I have deployed these tactics, Im a noob and they are working in my fourth game!!

  • Honestly just look at some of the games being played in the “boardgames” page.  If you have abattlemap, you can dload the game file and look at the game board.  But honestly there are alot of openning moves you can do, all of them depend on who goes before you, and for germany, depends on what you want to do.  I honestly don’t know if I have the time atm to list specifics, but I might be able to give general ideas.

  • I could spend alot of time lecturing if you really want :).

  • I would love to hear your lectures!  😄

  • lol, ok gimme a few to organize my mind

  • Ok, also take a look at my other post, which specifically outlines some thoughts on a G1 turn…

  • Well, Its alright, my moves would more be like
    1 sub 117
    1 sub 118
    2 subs should be plenty, anymore and its a waste of resources.
    1 sub 103
    1 sub 108
    same reason as above, except this time you have the suprise attack advantage but he has a higher chance of hitting you
    1 bb 1 cru 113
    1 fig hun
    1 tac pol
    You would want enough to kill on the first round.  keeping as much of your navy alive as possible is important to threaten uk with.
    1 sub 124
    1 fig nor
    1 fig hol
    2 tac wgr
    1 strat ger
    this may seem over kill but its ideal to kill all first round and you would need to scare england from scrambling.

  • You don’t attack SZ109? What about the threat from the DD attacking your subs and transport?

  • Norm:
    2 inf 2 rtl hol (meat)
    1 tac 2 fig wgr
    you should have plenty of meat and offensive power to succeed.  The reason why I would commit air instead of armor is that you would not want the armor vulnerable to an easy counter attack.  Also, your air would have 3 moves left, enough to land in sita if needed.
    2 inf 3 arm hol
    2 arm sgr
    1 tac ger
    3 inf 1 rtl 4 mech wgr
    since your not waisting your armor on hol, they can be used in fra np, so u have 6 units with a strong attack strength with 10 meat vs his 9 meat and 3 defense units.
    6 inf 2 rtl sgr
    1 arm pol
    2 inf 1 arm hun
    1 arm 1 inf rom
    You would leave a guy in rom to take bulg ofcourse(some would leave it for italy for some reason though)  This should be very adaquate since they wont be doing anythign else useful this turn.  You would want alot of meat cause for some reason, yugos can defend VERY well and your guys cant DO SHIT in some cases.

    With this attack, you have a strong chance in winning in all battles with tolerable losses (unless dice were mean).  Planes can all land in wger np and should, you would take fin and bulg on noncom and you would collect 70 ipc this turn.

  • Since Uk can scramble easily and you dont have any air in range that would land in a secure spot, I would not suggest it.  also, you would not want to commit so much to 1 spot where things can backfire VERY easily.

  • You got to assume your subs are only good for fodder when your dealing with the RAF.

  • also in 111, your air is butt naked, you should be conserving as much as you can, the bb will take 2 hits, the dd will take 1, and the fig(hell i would scramble) uses 1, basically would almost require a perfect first round for attack rolls to not lose all your planes.  remember, your planes are more important for you than planes/navy is for uk

  • correction in 112 reason, you will need to judge whether you can afford to lose air or a ship if he is lucky enough to get 2 hits.  Just remember what you bought and how much you can afford to replace air.  I would lose a ship over air cause a ship does not help you sealion or barb as much as your air does.

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