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    Three aircraft attack a sea zone, 2 from a carrier and 1 from land. The 1 aircraft from land cannot come back to any of the island, but is able to reach the carrier. The carrier aircraft don’t have the range to land on any island.

    So here’s my question: Can I assume (and make sure) that one of the aircraft will be shot down in the battle so only 2 will be left and land on the carrier?

    In other words, can I assume that some aircraft will take casualties so a carrier can handle all the returning aircraft? Thank you!

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    @superbattleshipyamato No. All aircraft must have a landing area available to them before combat. You may not assume any casualties.

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    Thank you (darn it, my planned attack can’t happen now)!

  • @superbattleshipyamato Note: this “plan” can be a tenuous as possible, just provided it could happen. Let’s say there’s a massive US fleet sitting off of Midway, and a load of transports sitting off the Hawaiian coast.

    You’ve got a small fleet in SZ 6, but it can’t kill the Americans at Midway.

    You could send a plane (which will have 0 range left, and need to land in that sea zone) to attack the Hawaiian transports and kill them, IF (and ONLY if) you send something that could kill the Americans blocking at Midway, and theoretically allow you to non-combat move a carrier to Hawaii upon which to land the plane.

    That “something” could be a single submarine, against the massive American fleet. Why? Theoretically, it could kill all the boats. It’s wildly improbable but nevertheless statistically possible.

    You have to have a plan–however silly–to land planes before combat. In the case above, you’ve got to send the sub. Note: if, somehow, that sub actually won (haha) you would be required to send your aircraft carrier. You said you would, after all!!

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    Yes, that plan is the cleverest cheat of the game. My opponents are too smart for that though.

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