• my brother and i are trying to come up with the effective way to add italy into aae so here’s are setup idea:

    1.0 Territories: N. Italy Capital,S. italy, morroco,algeria,lybia,tunisia,yugoslavia,greece,bulgaria,crete,scicily,sardina.

    1.1 N. italy=6 IPC’s

    1.2 all units minus 1 inf. german in bulgaria in the above are italian (japanese pieces)(BB=bb with marker under it)

    1.3 turn order:

    comments or your own ideas

  • would suck for axis

  • A few tips

    1 Give the italians Northern Italy, Sothern Italy, Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria. Maybe Germany could also divvy up Greece, Austria and Yugoslavia between the 2 axis.

    2 Make Sicily worth 1, North Italy worth 5, Germany worth 12
    Italy IPCs=12-16 Germany IPCs=32-36

    3 Giv them what Germany normally gets in their countries except for a man on Sicily and 4 inf in North Italy
    For their navy giv them 1BB, 1 dest., and 1tranny in tyrhenian sea, and MAYBE a sub in the adriatic

    4 Use the japanese peices and control markers (or make your own markers) for the italians. you could buy a set of pieces on ebay or somewhere and paint them some other color such as blue or yellow or purple

    5 I think Italy would go 2nd

    Germany would have complete control of the distribution of any oil money conquered. Also there might be an “Italian patriotic war” which allows Italy to assume any German material on the land or in their port.

  • @Anonymous:

    would suck for axis

    EXCUSE ME???

  • what about aaa world

  • I dunno!
    i dont have A&A world

  • you forgot to include japan in the turn order

  • '19 Moderator

    There are two groups of people in this discution. Axis and Allies Original players and Axis and Allies Europe players. I think you may be confusing each other.

    The original post was for AAE. 😉

  • oh, ok, my dyslexia kicked in and I missed the E on



  • If you go to the Xeno games website you can purchase extra unit “trees”
    in a vareity of colors. I think you get like 5 men, 3 tanks, aa gun, 1 ic, 1 bomber 3 fighters, 3 of all other ships something like that.
    I like the idea of having a seperate Italy for AAE. In AA world it’s pointless. No one hass mentioned it so i’l throw it out:
    Would ther be a limit as to how many italian units could fight in Russia?
    Someone above gave the fleet dispersal for italy and I like that they added an Itaslian Sub and didn’t take away the Battleship. Italian Battleships were pretty modern most being built in the 30’s. Problem was they didn’t have radar or sonar. so as someone pointed out they were at the bottom of the Med rather early in the War-I am goimng to try it.

  • Each “tree” is $4.95 and contains the following:

    8 men, 2 bombers, 3 fighters, 3 tanks, 3 transports, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 battleships, 6 destroyers, 3 submarines, 2 anti aircraft guns, 1 sub pen and 1 factory.

    They are available in the following colors:

    blue, tan, burgundy, olive green, green, lime green, gray, yellow/gold and red.

    Also, the gray is actually a silver color (like the pieces that come with W@W). I find these to be perfect for Italy. Goes good with Germany’s units.

  • have you ever seen the deluxe map from xeno? I’m contemplating purchasing it and some trees…. is it worth the $$$$?

  • Yeah … I have the large map … I like it!

    It’s the same map as the smaller one that comes with the W@W game, but only bigger. It’s nice to have the extra room on the board … you just got to have a big table or play it on the floor. Also, you will need to laminate it to keep it protected … which, I haven’t done yet – so, I don’t know how much it cost yet.

    Here is a link that shows what the map looks like:


  • You rock my man! thanks for the link! Definitely going to get it now!

  • Also, if you’re planning on making Italy it’s on country (seperate from Germany) or if you just want to add some extra detail to the game … check out this link for some decals for Italy:


    Enjoy! 😎

  • Thanks again for a very cool link. I am working out adding Italy to AAE for now I 'm using Japanese peices. I have ot set up just trying to figure out the starting incomes…

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