Minor Axis & Allied Powers meets AAG40 Map (1941)

  • This variant attemps to takes the DeathsHead Global set up (which is roughly a 1941 timeframe) and apply it to the AAG40 map plus add some rules and set up for Minor Axis and Allies powers.  A bulk of the rules utlilize the AAG40 Alpha rules and NOs.

    Key additions off AAG40 (which now accounts for ANZAC, UK Europe and UK Pacific as separate forces):

    • Canada as a separate Allied Minor nation
    • Free French Forces controlled by UK Europe player
    • Set up and rules for relavant Axis Minors (Findland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary & Vichy France).
    • Oil rules (similar to AAE original version)
    • US Marine rules (similar to APP original)

    Regarding playing pieces:

    • I used Major and Minor Factories from The War Game
    • Used units from The War Game and some original MB units for Minor Axis
    • Used some Table Tactic units for Fortifications (the Machine Gun)
    • USed AAE40 French units for Vichy France
    • Spray painted UK units light Blue for Free French units
    • Used Light Green UK units from AAR as the UK Pacific units
    • Used sheet rock dowels spray painted black for “Oil Rigs”

    Set Up Charts and starting IPC Chart (MS Excel) are linked below.



    • Germany receives posted IPC value for each Minor Axis territory (as in standard game play);
      provided it has not been conquered by an Allied army.

    • Germany is not required to have any units in these territories to collect the IPC value (as in standard game play).

    • If the Minor Axis territory is conquered by an Allied army, Germany no longer collects this
      income value (as in standard game play).

    • If Finland, Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria are conquered by an Allied power, these Minor Axis powers no longer
      have the ability to collect their IPCs or field military units, regardless of whether these territories are retaken by the Axis.
      If their capital nation is conquered, then any stand alone units for these countries are removed from the board; essentially
      surrendering.  If these countries have units in territories that also contain German units, then they remain on the board.

    • Minor Axis powers collect a fixed IPC amount at the end of their turn, regardless of whether they conquered
      any Allied territories.  Vichy France collects no income.

    • Increase in IPC value for territories conquered by Minor Axis powers are applied to Germany only.
      This is true whether the Minor Axis power conquered the territory by itself or in conjunction with German units.

    • Minor Axis IPCs cannot be shared with other Minor Axis powers or with Germany.

    • Minor Axis powers must always leave at least 1 unit in their capital nation at the end of their turn.  In the case of Vichy
      France, this includes the territories labeled “Southern France” and “Tunisia”.

    • Finland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria must always have a direct supply line back to their capital nation at
      at the end of their turn.  This rule does not apply to Vichy France.

    • Some units are not eligible for purchase by Minor Axis powers as noted in the set up charts (blacked out).
      Minor Axis powers cannot build Industrial Complexes.

    • New units for Finland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are always placed in the Minor Axis Power’s capital nation.

    • Vichy French units may only defend, they may never attack.  Vichy French units can move to other Vichy
      occupied territories (Southern France; Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, French Central Africa and French West Africa).

    • German units may move through and end turns in any Vichy French territories.  Italian units may move through and
      end turns in Vichy French territories in North Africa.  Italian units may pass through but not end turns in Southern France.

    • If North Africa is cleared of Axis forces (German/Italian), any remaining Vichy French units in Africa become
      Free French Units and are controlled by the UK player.

    • German Oil: Romania represents German controlled oil reserves.  If Allied forces take this territory, the IPCs are
      paid to the conquering Allied nation.

    • All Minor Axis units can be combined with German units to gain attack/defense bonuses.  For example, Bulgarian
      Artillery would provide the +1 to Attack bonus for German infantry.  Italian units can only be combined with Vichy French
      units in North Africa, not any of the other Minor Axis powers.  German transports can transport any Minor Axis units and
      vice versa.  Italian transports may only transport Vichy French units.

    • Minor Allied powers operate as stand alone nations.  They can build all unit types, including ICs.

    • The IPCs for UK Europe, Canada, ANZAC & UK Pacific must be managed individually.

    • During the Mobilize New Unit phase, the UK Europe player may place 1 unit each in either Calcutta (UK Pacific),
      New South Wales (ANZAC), or Quebec (Canada).  This is in addition to the amount permitted by UK Pacific, Australia
      and Canada.

    • If a single Minor Allied power attacks and conquers an Axis territory, then the IPCs are applied directly to that Minor
      Allied power.  When an attack against an Axis territory is conducted by multiple Minor Allied forces, the UK
      Pacific player must announce during the combat move phase which Minor Allied power is the “lead” attacker.
      This “lead” attacker receives the IPCs if the attack is successful and the territory is conquered.  The “lead”
      attacker is also the nation whose units are removed last in combat.

    • Free French collect no income.  Any conquests by Free French troops are added to the UK players IPC value.

    • Mid-East Oil: Trans-Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Northwest Persia and Persia represent Allied controlled oil reserves.  If the
      Axis forces take these territories, the IPCs are paid to the conquering Axis nation from the Allies directly.  The Allies
      can choose who pays the IPCs (either UK Europe or U.S., but not the Soviet Union).

    • Pacific Oil: Java, Borneo & Sumatra represent UK Pacific & ANZAC controlled oil reserves.  If the Axis forces take these
      territories, the IPCs are paid to the conquering Axis nation from the UK Pacific  and ANZAC player directly.  The UK player
      can choose who pays the IPCs (ANZAC or UK Pacific).  IPCs can be used from more than one of these powers to
      cover the payment.

    • Russian Oil: Caucasus & Kazakhstan represent Russian controlled oil reserves.  If the Axis forces take this
      territory, the IPCs are paid to Germany from Russia directly.

    • When the territory of France is liberated, for the first time only, the player controlling this territory immediately
      places 4 French Infantry units on it.

    AA40G Conversion Set Up for Minor Powers v1.8 Oct 10.xls

  • Mainland Europe


  • The Mediterranean


  • Africa


  • Mid East - Black “Oil Rigs” represent oil production centers


    • Romania (Green), Hungary (Yellow) and Bulgaria (Light Tan)
    • Greece is occupied by Italian, German and Bulgarian units


  • Finland


  • The Atlantic


  • Indian Ocean


  • Australia

    • Black “Oil Rigs” represent oil production centers


  • Japan


  • The Pacific


  • awesome! where did you get the factory pieces?

  • The Factories (As well as some of the Mnor Axis Units) came from “The War Game” (which is a great game).

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