• Let’s say the Germans have captured Moscow and after many rounds the UK and US manage to liberate Moscow putting the Russians back in play. The Germans though have quite a big force and recapture Moscow in the next round, or next two maybe.
    First question: Does Germany take Russia’s IPC’s if it recaptures Moscow on the next round or does it take 0 because the collecting income count never occured for the Russian?
    Second question: If Moscow is recaptured again on the next or second turn of the German all the territories that belonged previously to the allies (Russia’ territories were at limbo) do they have to recapture them? And what about the territories that already have allied units on them do they get controlled immediately by the allies?
    Thank you very much in advance guys!!

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    When the Germans capture Moscow, they get whatever IPCs the Soviets have on hand.  If the Soviets have none, the Germans get none.

    When Moscow was liberated, all original USSR territories controlled by other Allied powers reverted to Soviet control.  They remain in Soviet control if Moscow is captured again, whether or not they are occupied by other Allied powers.

  • So the allies have to recapture the territories again and claim the IPC generated. Have i understood well?  Thank you Krieghund for your reply!

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    Yes, they must recapture them from the Axis.

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