Naval/Air Base Strategy – Multinational

  • In our last global game a pivotal point was reached when the US surprised the germans by moving  a significant amphibious task force to Iceland causing the germans in the next turn  to spend IPCs reinforcing Norway. During the same turn the Brits then built a Naval Base enabling the US force to sweep down and successfully take a weakly defended Holland/Belgium.  Was this legit? Are friendly forces allowed to use each other’s new air/naval bases during the same turn?

  • Legit and a good idea as well. (but if the necessary seazones are open, Gibraltar is a cheaper - yet not that surprising - alternative)

  • Can Us ships go to Iceland when the US isn’t at war? I think Iceland is Europe, or i’m wrong?

  • i think it’s allowed

  • Thanks for confirming - the global game allows for more teamwork. Agreed, the Gib route is better but offers no surprises now in our games.

    We have been playing with Iceland being Europe so the US can only land there when at war.

  • Been checking the FAQ and it seems to say that Iceland is indeed part of Europe.

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