Axis rock!

  • In my local group I was playing the Axis for three games in a row. And we won all of them.
    Ok, ok, I know, I wouldn’t have a chance against most of you, but the Axis are easier to play with in the beginning.
    While the Allies, overwhelmed by thier money, tended to buy lots of bombers, ICs or even battelships, the Axis were more likely to by the really important units: Infantry. Also teamplay is much more vital for the Allies than for the Axis. Of the 6 games I played all but one where won by the Axis. And the only time I lost I was playing the Allies.

    It is true that with experienced players the Axis have hardly a chance but for beginners the Axis rock!

  • The axis can be very fun, unless I play the allies…… 🙂 I play a very very boring game for the allies, as the axis you feel like you are under a big old wet blanket that slowly smothers you.

    Once the atlantic navy gets going by end of T2 usually it’s all infantry. Perhaps 1 tank per allied country per round if I am feeling saucy. No chancy moves, just more and more trrops into Norway. Yeah it’s a long supply line from Washington to Karelia but the sooner you start the sooner the troops become available for combat. Germany is parked in EE, the allies in Karelia so the germans and some ally trade Ukraine, germany is stuck at 28 IPC and uses 2-3 Inf/round retaking Ukraine each round.

    The Japs are up alot but since they trade Kazakh, Novosibirsk and Evenki and perhaps persia they are losing 6-8 infantry/round just trading territories back and forth so even with a 40+ income they are not building up as quickly as one would expect. And even if Japan is at say 45 income, with germany down to 28 the allies are outbuilding the axis, it’s just a matter of time and time is on the allied side in this case.


  • I expect your second load of inf goes to Africa?
    As far as I reasoned, I couldn’t see why to ship tanks anywhere but maybe to Africa. Two infs are much better in defending than one tank and never underestimate their attacking power, especially when backed up by some planes.

    Well next time I will have the chance to use that tactic to set an end to the domination by the Axis.

  • I agree that the game is pretty well-balanced at the beginner level, which is why I strongly discourage beginners to start w/ rules like RR!

    However, in my opinion cooperation is extremely important for both sides in the war–if not more so for the Axis, not the Allies! All things being equal, I have seen many games with my buddies hinge on the cooperation factor. It’s harder to cooperate as the Axis powers early on, but if you can pull it off, it is really your best chance for victory–at beginner OR advanced level…


  • I think the axis are more fun to play even if you don’t win. As blocky said how fun is it as the allies to buy 8 infantry with Russia and park them in Karelia, 10 infantry with the UK and land them in FN, and what a shock 12 infantry with the US and land them in FN. Excitement at its best!!! Besides if you win as the allies, the other guy just shrugs and says, “Well you had the allies….”

    As the axis you can try all sorts of crazy stuff and not loose face because if it works you WON AS THE AXIS!! Amazing and if it doesn’t work then no biggie you can check that strategy off as no good.

  • Meijing, I suspect you are a much better player than you lead on 🙂

    Both the US and Brit have their fleet parked in the UK home waters ASAP, everything going to Norway, no second load to Africa. At some point, maybe T2-T3 you will have to drop off a load into Africa, both allies move their fleets south 1 space. Time the builds so yes, you put tanks in Africa than can move towards Persia fast. A few infantry as you might fight a bit. Having a few slow units moving East is OK, they are ‘safties’ and will be used sooner or later. That being said don’t put more than you need in Africa.

    The reason for a few tanks is this mainly for harassment against the Japanese. It is so so important to have 1-2 tanks and 1-2 inf for each ally in asia. With airpower this small force welds a great deal of ‘leverage’. One ally ‘kicks the door in’ and the other ally pours through so to speak. The Jap player must spend time to consider how a 3 member allied force opens up possiblities. 1 ally slips into the territory so the others come in and land ftrs. All of sudden the Jap player is concerned about defending factories. Huge Jap stacks of land units can have their path blocked by a single allied player letting the others come in behind.

    C_F, no truer words were spoken. I’ll take one axis victory over 10 allied victories!


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