• I found this site http://www.strafingrun.com

    they have some pretty interesting Accsesories for A&A including cards!!
    i think these are a good idea. they add depth into the game and make the out come unprodicatable.

    it’s here that i got my Italian Markers (costum order)

    if any of you have these cards plese tell how well they work.

  • Yeah, I been here before, too! 😄 Great website. It really expands your game with the number of play options. However, I got my A&A cards for free via the pdf from the internet, printing them out on my color printer, and cutting and pasting them on cardboard. But it seems like they came out with a lot more new wons, so I’ll look into purchasing some. 🙂

  • The cards are indeed great. They help simulate some of the real unpredictabilities that occurred during the actual war. Additionally, they have a balancing effect, if there is a weaker player playing against a stronger one. They add so much to the game, it is almost like buying a whole new game. Personally, I did not want to purchase one of the newer games (Europe or Pacific) because I like to simulate the war in its entirety (rather than just a segment) and these cards are the perfect way to do it. It adds things to the game like spy capibilities, negociations with neutral countries, and many welcome enhancements to your ground, air, and sea forces. All in all, it forces players to rethink their strategy again and again, and makes each game new and exciting, rather than using the same old strategies again and again to win. The accessories available are great also, as they add greatly to the visual effect of the game. The sight is definatly worth checking out!!

  • 😄 And for $15 for a set of 45 cards, it’s a price hard to beat for custom made cards.

  • Awww these cards look damn cool. I’m gonna have to get hold of some! 😄 (if anybody feels like bein really nice, you could scan the cards onto ur computer and let me print them out over here) 😉

  • That would be a good idea, scanning the cards onto the computer and putting them on a webiste for download.

  • My scanner sort of sucks so you’re out of luck :roll:

  • What’s wrong with your scanner? Does it not have coour. If not, that’s ok. I wouldnt mind seeing the cards even without colour.

  • Why don’t you just download them (the pdf file from the internet. I’m sure thraser’s website has it listed somewhere.

  • Hmmm…no luck. Can’t seem to find them on Thrasher’s site.

  • Hmmm… I wasn’t able to find them either, and those cards had some very nice pictures. Oh well, try



    I’ll try to look for them on the internet later tonight 😎

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