• '10

    We want to try this for the axis next game.

    Any experiences?

    May this be a hlepfull option to support the axis advance throug southwest Russia?

  • Recent game - Italy (1) sent 1 inf to Bulgaria at I(2)  Italy took Greece from UK (which took it last turn)

  • My last axis win was Germany Sealion and delayed attack on USSR till turn 4. It made sense to give Italy Bulgaria for the additional 4 infantry. Indeed, it helped them get Iraq and create a Soviet southern front.

  • Does Italy taking Bulgaria detract too much from the Germans on the Eastern front? Or do the 4 inf and 1 IPC not make that much of a difference? I haven’t tried it yet

  • I would think its good to give extra guys and ipc’s to Italy. You can add a couple Italian tanks to start driving into Russia (maybe to can opener). You could also get them into the African fight if you can keep the Italian navy a float.

    I will say I like to take Yugo w/Germany for a possible IC build if it looks like the Italian navy is going under. A few German subs in the Med (with German air) could help axis turn things right. Plus both Italy and Germany can build in the same sz. I know Greece gives you this option too, but it can be invaded to easy from sz 99.

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