• I have continued working on AA maps, and I would like peoples opinion on how my map is coming along so far, if the territories are ok and what not, this is just the borders I have drawn. Personally I feel the U.S. needs to be fixed, aswell as E. Russia and probably Australia.

  • Looks good so far, lets see more 🙂

  • I have seen other maps that I would like to incorporate their features in aswell, I was thinking of adding “circle” shaped territories for major cities, such as Berlin, London, DC, etc…

    Who that sounds like a good addition, or just keep it simple? Let me know what you guys think.

  • Circle shaped tt for cities, good idea.

  • I’m thinking circular territories wouldn’t work too well with your current map. If there were more territories in Germany, Berlin could work, but then those territories are too small. London/Tokyo would take away much needed space for units. I think no territories for cities is best.

    Also, Siberia definitely needs reworking; you shouldn’t be able to go from Manchuria to Moscow in 3 turns with an infantry. The Himalayas need to be bigger, for a blockade of sorts for protecting India when China is conquered or vice versa. Other than that, looks fantastic!

  • I agree with you hewhoisnickel, I experimented with circular cities last night, and a good idea at first, but it really is just awkward and crowded with them. I was definently planning on adding natural impassible geographical features, thank you for mentioning them.

    I will post an updated picture of my new fixed borders/territories probably in the next day or two. Thanks for the feedback guys  🙂

  • Here is a minor update on borders, the largest addition is Seazones and Impassible terrain (brown). Let me know what you guys think, and if anything seems at all proportional inappropriate for an AA map.

  • Some TT will need to be absorbed into others since they are so small.  I understand wanting to represent every significant country in Europe but it just isn’t realistic when you may need to stack a pile of troops there.

    Alaska needs to be fixed in both size and proximity to Asia.

  • What would you think if I merged Belgium/Holland, Albania/Yugoslavia, and make Switzerland an impassible territory?

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