• I am curious to what the exact NO’s are for the European theatre. What are the differences from the Global NO’s already posted by Emperor Taiki?
    When you delete the Pacific NO’s from his list you get the following NO’s:


    • 5 for denmark, norway, and a neutral or axis sweden.
    • 5 for being at peace with the soviets
    • 5 for each soviet VC
    • 3 for having a land unit in egypt

    Soviet Union
    +5 for being at war
    +6 for each original german territory if they have all of their originals

    +5 for getting rid of the subs in the atlantic

    +5 for getting all the allied warships out of the med
    +5 for southern france, egypt, and greece


    • 30 for being at war


    • 4 inf when Paris is liberated

    It looks like most NO’s are useable also for the stand alone version but UK probably has a couple of more.

    Anyone with info care to elaborate?

  • Hmm, Soviet Union ONLY +5 for being at war and the US +30? If the former had been true (such a minor increase in production and war effort) the Germans would have easily overrun the soviet Union…Must be a game balance thing. Still a shame they cannot represent this better…

  • Customizer

    The justification is that the US had a tiny peacetime establishment, while the USSR already maintained a huge army.  The jump towards all-out war production was much bigger for the Americans.

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