• my ideal turn order would be:

    1. Russia

  • also, please submit your turn order ideas

  • this would be unfair to the Axis.  and im guessing, it would be even More inaccurate historically.  the biggest problem i see is the potential to cut off africa from Germany…
    on UK turn 1…
    buy a complex, and carrier
    Uk can sink the battleship and transport with the Destroyer, Bomber from UK and fighters from india and egypt… then move the Fleet from india in SZ 15 and maybe the cruiser, land a fighteron the carrier and a fighter and bomber on egypt and move the men there and most likely bring the gun and an infantry from india

    & Take Norway with the Battleship, 2 Tanks, 2 Infantry, 2 Fighters
    Or assault Western Europe with 2 Tanks, 2 Inf., 2 bombardments (Battleship and cruiser), 2 fighters

    place the carrier where the UK north fleet end up (either Norway or Western Europes coast), and place the complex on Egypt.  
    Germany may start the game with no boats in the South (no way to threaten Africa)  and possibly not having Western Europe (or Norway) and Also missing whatever territs Russia took (most likely Ukraine  and West Russia).

    Im not sure germany starts with enough to handle all that… It would be to easy for the allies to go KGF and take germany out

  • My idea would be, that seems historical, since both Axis sides really where the first hitters in their fronts, however if it were to go this way I don’t think Japan should be fighting Russia (As what really happened), other wise this set up would enable the Axis to potentially remove Russia as a threat in 1-2 turns.

    1. Germany
    2. Japan
    3. Russia
    4. UK
    5. America

    Definently how Axis & Allies is set up it does create a lot more balance with their play order.

  • there was a Historical version of Revised online for tournaments or something. 
    in that version they also had rules for adding Italy, to make 6 players.

    also the turn order became…

    in the 1st round………
    Russia, then Both Axis players (Also Italy if played) taking there turn together as one (Each phase done together),
    then US & UK also taking there turn together

    every round after……… the Axis (together), then the Allies (Together).

    very interesting way to play. unfortunately i never got to play this version so i dont know how well it worked.  And I dont know how it would work for 1942.

    I remember When they added Italy they made Germany itself worth 20 IPC’s,  Italy started with 12 and controlled Southern Europe (which was split into Italy & S. Europe), Balkans, Algieria.  there were other changes to the map as well.

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