• Hi all! I’m a huge fan of AAA and have played a good long time. A buddy of mine and I frequent the site and check out house rules pretty often to give ourselves ideas, but neither of us have ever posted.

    We just bought AAAEurope and were reading through the rules last night and aren’t clear on the Subs submerging issues. (Perhaps we’ve missed out on the whole 3rd edition rules thing.) Regardless I’m hoping for some clarification:

    The rules state that a naval unit in battle may retreat to a seazone with enemy subs if the subs are submerged. Is this correct? It seems to violate the spirit of simultaneous action that the rules seem designed to protect. I say this because the only way I can understand retreating into enemy (submerged sub) occupied sea zones is if there are two battles happening. Both in adjacent sea zones and in one an enemy sub submerges and then in the other you decide to retreat a naval unit to that newly submerged zone.

    I think maybe I’m missing something crucial. Do all subs everywhere on the board resurface at the end of every player’s action sequence? If an enemy sub resurfaces in a sea zone occuied by your naval unit do you have to engage it on your tun or can you move away?

    Any help on this would be appreciated. Perhaps I simply need to reread the rules without the excitement of opening a new chapter in AAA game play!


  • Naval units can move into the same seazone as submerged subs.

  • I gotcha there. I know Naval units can move in on submerged subs, but I’m trying to understand the rule better. What its meant to allow, what it doesn’t allow… etc…

  • After you submerge your subs, they have to be resurfaced at the end of your turn. Now if there are enemy ships in the zone, on their turn they can either engage or simply move. Kinda of like when you build new naval units. You can place them in an occupied sea zone, then on your opponents turn, He can attack or move away.

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