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Others have Girl on Girl(gorilla).I have Sub on Sub.

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    A Sub can kill a Sub in this game without a DD is that right? Am thinking of Archangel Convoy Box on R1. (I realise Russia would still control it.)
    The Attacker rolls a “2”. If he misses,  the defender can return fire or submerge.
    Have I got it? (The rule!)
    The DD is only to prevent attacker’s 1st strike and to allow Air units to participate in a battle.
    Playing in 18 hours and would like confirmation.
    Thank you.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Yes, you can sub on sub.

    If you hit the other sub, he still rolls defense. (Because it’s ALSO in the -sneak- stage)

    If you miss, typically people choose to submerge.

    The DD is only to prevent attacker’s 1st strike and to allow Air units to participate in a battle.

    Correct, but the DST also prevents the sub from Submerging aswell. IIRC - If I Recall Correctly.

  • Wait a second.  I thought that first strike and submerge were done at the beginning of the combat phase for both attacker AND defender simultaneously, so technically both the attacker and defender have to state whether they want to submerge or shoot (and if there are more than 1 sub, some can shoot and others submerge if you want).  In practice a lone defending sub will almost never choose first strike @1 and an attacker will almost always choose first strike @2 so it is assumed and no one even bothers to ask.  Am I right on that?

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    You’ve got it right, wittmann.

  • WOW!  Ok thanks!

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    Thank you Krieg. I do not want to teach someone wrongly. Might lend him the game as he will get to play lots at University. (With 5 keen new players!)

  • In TripleA, if you attack a sub with another sub, the defender is given the option to submerge before the attacker rolls.  If the defender chooses to submerge and the attacker rolls a 1 or 2, it doesn’t kill the defender sub.

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    I see Vance. Not sure if I will ever get to play online.
    Incidentally, my student has learnt well. On his sixth game(D-Day, Bulge, 2 Anniversary and a 1941), he has tasted victory with this  Europe. I am on the ropes.
    And is he happy!
    I wish we could finish, but University and his new group beckons.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Why cant you play online Wittman?

    And Vance - are you certain you played the Europe Version of the game for tripleA? From 1999?

  • OH crap sorry.  I thought it was the new version!  I didn’t notice which thread this was
    Sorry Wittmann

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    We all get carried away at times and forget where we are. I do when I have been drinking!
    @Garg: I said I would try it when Maddy goes to school (Sept 2013).
    We spend all day with her and work evenings. Talk to you guys, otherwise am not free at all.

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