• I’ve been playing A&A a lot lately and I know you have to cooperate to beat your opponent. This is much easier for the allies, because you can drop your troops in friendly territory, let’s say karelia or captured norway. This standard strategy and cooperation works most of the times for me to beat Germany.

    For Axis it’s more difficult to cooperate in this way. I’ve only seen it in capturing Kaukasus or Moscow where Japan can help a little bit. But it’s different.
    I don’t like Germany to give navy support to Japan. It’s a waste of your battleship. Japan maybe, can give some navy support in the mediterranean when Japan is playing very well. But that’s pretty much it, I guess.

    In my last game I played Japan and purchased 1 AA per turn, sending it to China, Sinkiang, and Buryatia, and developped rockets. I captured India (with the AA), landed my German and Bomber there the next turn, and then started to fire my 4 rocket launchers at Russia. This, plus a Japan SBR, and also a German SBR, got Russia very weak. this creates an option for the Japan navy. you can spend your IPC’s on navy purchases, you don’t need as many land units as you used to. Russia can’t buy a lot, so Germany can take it on it’s own or at least with less Japan support. This is the only option I can think of to cooperate in an effective way.

    I know, in the beginning fase of the game the axis can and must take a lot of territory to grow strong. But this raised a new question when I looked at the allies. When allies play, they often choose a KGF or a KJF.
    Should the axis focus on ONE ally in special? By example, crushing Russia very hard, Or taking as much as possible UK territories in one turn?
    I’ve seen many games where Japan played very well, but just in the advantage for Japan. capturing territories and growing strong. crumbling down both UK and Russia, but too slow.

    Take one out soon?


  • What you’re saying is all correct. Typically, people do choose KGF or KJF, unless Japan has awful first turn rolls or leaves another opening and the US changes plans.

    My Japanese play puts the emphasis on Russia but I also take advantage of my battleships in the Red Sea/Indian Ocean to trade land in Africa and take potshots at Allied soldiers. The UK’s farflung territories like Australia, New Zealand, and Madagascar should be taken quickly. Rarely can Japan not afford these small, early diversions from the Soviets.

    If you’re looking for Axis team tactics, I believe the most important is positioning Japan’s fighters well. Early on, I keep my fighters around Frindo to support a German stack in Ukraine or Egypt depending on Allied moves. Later, I like my fighters in z34. From here, they can reach Novo, Kazakh, Russia, Caucuses, West Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Germany, and Karelia. They can reach most everywhere that Japan will want to attack or help defend. This tactic also breaks the the UK-US double because if the UK suicides into, say Germany, the Japanese fighters swoop in and turn the odds against a US followup.

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