How to get CD after discontinuation?

  • Hi players!

    I would really like to try to play on the net after having beaten all of my friends completely up in the board edition. Unfortunately, Hasbro seems to have discontinued the CD-ROM edition. So what does one do? How do I get a CD-ROM? I have a fast ADSL-connection, if any of you know some kind of online-shop where you pay and download immediately…

    Thanks in advance

    • Thomas, France

  • To Our Friends in the East,

    I’m sure you can find a copy of A&A:CD somewhere on the the internet. Just run a query through your search engine. I’m sure you can find A&A for cheep on ebay. However, the main problem is if those dealers are willing to ship to France.

  • I’m not 100% sure that they will ship overseas, but you can buy the game at - there is a link on the front page.

  • I found the CD for $6.50 at I don’t know if they ship internationally, but there isn’t a better deal around.

    Look into it.


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