• Tonight I recorded the CD-ROM Axis & Allies soundtrack on my PC to MP3s. I enjoyed hearing these musical pieces again after many years (I used to listen to them a great deal while playing the computer version).  It’s available here:


    Atmosphere can result from playing these tracks during board game play.  Thus, I made this set for myself and thought that I should share it with other players.

    There are many nice touches: the polka in the German track, the Japanese segment in the US track (providing appropriate contrast), and the instrumental variations in these and the other tracks.

    Re-listening revealed that I never really got around to appreciating the second half of these tracks (I usually whipped through my turns against the AI and thus didn’t get a chance).  The end credits are also worth hearing for Larry Harris’s comments.

    Seeing this game again reminded me how much I enjoyed the PC version.  Though it had a few glitches and a weak AI, I enjoyed it very much.  I’d love to see a PC version of the Anniversary edition of A&A (which I just bought)!

  • We usually just play the Imperial March when it’s the axis’ turn… have to check this out…  aaahh, the pc version… those were days…

    nice job lema

  • Lema,

    listened to the soundtrack last night, it really does add to the atmosphere and gave Russia the will to fight on!

    sounds great!

  • This is the greatest!!!

    I used to hum that American tune all the time and drive people crazy.

    The Japanese one was catchy too.

  • Thanks, guys.

    Yeah, these tunes can be catchy - be careful.  I find myself humming them at random times and I can’t stop -  aughhh!  :-)

  • Um, I know given the recent circumstances it might be… quite risky, but do you mind reupping this to another site, say mediafire? Many thanks would be given.

    I remember coming across this on 4chan’s /rs/ board one day, never knew it was YOUR upload.

    If you can’t, let me just say, it was awesome that you did.

    EDIT: I remember on Youtube someone was playing the Iron Blitz version of the game. The tunes sounded pretty boss.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I’m also looking for the same files!

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