Any Medal of Honor Fans Out there?

  • I was just wondering since, Medal of Honor: Frontline comes out June 6 (that’s right, just in time for D-Day). Since it seems like all Axis and Allies Fans are also World War II fans so I was just wondering. I been a fan every since there first game came out and if this can live up to it’s original, then we are in for something HUGE!

  • First; what is “World War II” & “Medal of Honor”. Never heard of that…

  • Gezz… can’t believe you know what World War II is. (You’re yanking me, right?)

    Anyways, the Medal of Honor is the highest decoration awarded to American servicemen.

  • I know what is the WW2 and i know what is the Medal of Honor, but what are you taling about Medal of Honor coming out june… You are certaly not speaking of the Highest decoration of America that come out June x, it must be somekind of game or something…

    PS; im not an idiot :smile:

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  • Medal of Honor is tight.

    Me and a buddy of mine play on line constantly.

    Code name on line is Der Zombiefuhrer

  • I’ve played the first on PS2 and it was envigorating. My friends have played Allied Assault on PC and they can only say great things about it. We’ll see how it measures up…

  • thx Candy, now i know its a computer game

  • Mr Ghoul,
    I would be playing Allied Assault too, but my ghetto computer can’t handle it. :smile:

  • FinsterniS,
    Well actually it’s a game on the Ps2. 6 more days! (Well if you live in America anyways)

  • Beat the original and half way thru the second game on PS1. Tried the Allied Assault Demo on PC, got my but handed to me. Don’t have PS2 yet, I’ll have to wait on Frontline…

  • Marshal,

    Well now is the time to get a Ps2 more than every since they just announced a price cut to lower the cost from $299 to $199 (again, if you live in America).

    So I see someone played the original. :smile:
    What’s you’re favorite part? The ending is really a blast with the panicky German scientists.

  • I found that quite humorous as well. My favorite level was the “Attack on Fort Schmerzen”. It took me forever to get through it, I found completing it rewarding. As bad as it sounds, I didn’t mind shooting Nazis in the back of the head, either. But hey, they’re Nazis…

  • I agree, “Attack on Fort Schmerzen” was one tough nut to crack. I really got cut to shreds from mounted machine gun fire and attacks from behind. The only level that comes close are the “Mines,” and even then, those forces had panzerfaust. I remember spending hours after beating the level initially in order to get Three Stars on that Level. It had never occurred to me to rat out some Nazi’s hiding in trenches! Let’s just hope that Frontline can present with another challenge without being overly cheap.

  • The previews look promising. Have you tried the “Allied Assault” demo or game? The demo gave me a good run for my money. The D-day sequence must be intense!

  • I did play Allied Assault at my friend’s house, and let me tell you about the incredible gaming experience I had. In this one level I had to commandeer a King Tiger amid enemy snipers. Then when I finally got my tank, I had to defend against enemy panzershreks (sp) and 88’s. When all was said and done, it was one of the most intense FPS episodes I ever played (and this coming from a Old School Gamer!). The graphics were simply draw dropping with an amazing amount of detail. You could swear you’re drops admit a war wrecked town. The enemy AI is almost superhuman, those snipers will spot you a mile a away. I had to restart the game many times because of this. And the use of scripted events and movie production values is a pure adrenaline rush.

    Oh, if you thought that the Frontline previews were promising, be sure to check out for the full review. The notoriously high grading standards of Gamespot gave the game a 9.0, which goes to prove that the game lived up to its hype.

  • Had a similar experience with the demo. Not sure what mission or level it is, but you go into a French town with German troops, snipers, and tanks in an attempt to knock out some German heavy batteries. Watching your buddies get wounded and killed, seeing the enemy make real-life movements, the scenery and detail, etc. - almost TOO much like the real thing. Like I said, INTENSE!!!

  • From what I heard, the graphics on Frontline are actually better than those on Allied Assault! If that is true, then we’re in for a real shocker! :grin:

  • I’m sure I’ll pick up the system and game at some point. I was wondering when game system graphics would out do PC. PS2 seems to have achieved it…

  • Well the problem with game consoles is that you can’t upgrade. So after X amount of years has passed, the computer will outpace it. However, with a game console you get the best of technology at a very affordable price. With a computer, you’re going have to pluck down 1-2 thousand dollars every two years in order to get the best gaming rig to play the current games at high resolutions. With my Ps2, I only have to spend $300 to access a wide variety of games. And I know they’ll sit be making games for my system 5+ years from now.

  • cheers on Nintendo and Gamecube screw Medal of Honor, we got Mario!

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