• I haven’t seen more than 2 inches of snow for 3 years :sad: We used to get really cold though.

  • Yes, we’re ripped! Where is the blizzard of 96 to get me out of school?!?!?!

  • On 2002-05-02 15:14, btownthug16 wrote:
    teams with much lower payrolls (pittsburgh, minnesota, etc.) are usually (not always) at the bottom.

    The Twins don’t have any really big name players. (I live in Minnesota, and am a Twins fan.) I mean, you could walk up to a baseball fan, throw out the starting line-up, and they might have heard of 2 or 3 of them. But that’s the beauty, last season, the Twins had the best opening in Franchise history. They’re not doing too bad this season either. And 3 of their best players are on the DL! Rivas, Koskie, Radke. And they’re still leading their division.

    I play Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, I don’t know if anyone else here does, but let me explain something to you. Eddie Guardado is money. He’s the twins’ closer. He’s 14 for 14 save opportunities. If you look at Yahoo, and click on “keys to success”… it will show that out of the top 50 teams, a certain percentage have a certain player. Eddie Guardado is on the most top 50 teams.

    Anyway, the Twins don’t have any huge power hitters, but they have a lot of sleepers. And a team full of sleepers, spells money. I have a feeling, within the next few seasons, they’re going to get far. With a terrific start last season, and the fact that they’re leading their division now, they have a good shot down the road. I don’t think they’ll be winning any world series this year though. Yes, they’re a good team, a team full of sleepers, but the Yankees are a team full of… well… great players.

    Even though I’m a Twins fan, there’s one team I would cheer above them, and that’s the D’Backs. Not only are they home to my favorite player (Randy Johnson), and my second favorite players (Gonzo)… but they can win. I don’t think I had ever been more excited then when they won game 7. It was pure bliss.

    Anyway, about your salary cap idea. I don’t think that would be the smartest idea. Yes, with all the money in the world, they can buy anyone they want. But look at the Expos, they have like… NO fans, yet they’re still kicking some ass. Vlad. Guerrero is the best batter in all of baseball so far, they can afford him.

    I think salary caps would totally send the world of baseball in a loop. Afterall, it is the American past-time. And here in America, money is power.

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    Go Twinkies! 😁

    I know it was late for you east coasters, but did any body catch the performance by Ruby here in Phoenix. In his second game back from the DL 3 in the bleachers one two base ripper and 9, I say again 9 RBIs


  • Go Clippers! Wait, this is a baseball topic. Guess there’s no room for a fellow Axis and Allies basketball fan.

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