Length of games

  • Hey folks, I have three questions:

    1. How many rounds do your games typically take?
    2. How much time does a game take, on average?
    3. And how many rounds until the winner of the game is pretty clear cut?


  • 1. Between 60 and 80 turns if I’m against a pretty good opponent, between 10 and 20 against an average opponent.

    2. About 6 or 7 hours.

    3. Usually, either in the first 6 or 7 turns, or not until 50 turns into the game.

    1. It depends on whether or not you want to play the game out to the last man or surrender when you know someone has lost. For the former this takes around 30-50 turns and for the later, 10-15 turns.

    2. Around the length of one or two days. 3-8 hours.

    3. Around the 6-8th turn depending how aggressive some players are.

    Hope this helps 😄

  • Thanks guys. Yeah, I just started playing and teaching some of my friends, and our games have seemed really short to me. But they have been about as long as your games. One(the best one in my opinion) took about 4 or 5 rounds until it was clear that the Axis had it won. Once Russia fell (I think on J 6 or 7) we called game. Another game we quit after 9 turns! We quit before US even went twice. I felt that was really short, but it sounds like that’s not too uncommon. Personally, I prefer the longer games that are a toss up until at least the 3rd round. Speaking of rounds, does a round per hour sound about right?


  • Wow, teaching the game while you’re learning it, must be tough. 😄

    Well, again, this depends. Or we talking about the 1st round or the 50th round? In the first few rounds of the game, it’s typical to see the game clock running over an hour if not more so. But once you hit mid to late game, the time for game rounds just decrease dramatically to maybe 10-20 minutes. I too like long drawn out games (it just seems like a waste to set up the game board and then quit after the 10th turn) and the best way to make sure of this is to balance the sides as much as possible. The key is to make sure each side thinks that they are at a disadvantage.

  • i also found that as people get to know the game better and the moves, etc, then the turns go a little quicker. People get to thinking ahead a little more, rather than reacting, and they stop asking “hold on, can i do this . . . ?”.

  • Hey Mike, do you use anything to balance the game more in favour of the axis, or have you not found any problems with this?

    Russia restricted, bids, 2-hit battleships, and a lot of other things can be used. (I’m sure you can find info on these on a lot of previous threads)

  • I use a bid personally.

  • No, we haven’t started using any balancing options yet. I’ve been playing in two different groups. The first group are the people I learned with about 6 years ago, but we don’t play regularly enough to see this domination of the Allies that is discussed. (Which I do believe, but until we actually see it in play no one will want to change the balance of the game)And my other group are the friends that I’m teaching(I’m not teaching and learning at the same time, but I came here to brush up on the game before playing again), and everyone is still so new that we have yet to really play enough good games to find the balance of our game and group.


  • I see!

    Why don’t you register, Mike?

  • Because I’m difficult

  • Hahaha 😄

    Time will tell. Sooner or later time will tell.

  • Please sign up if you could, it makes our Forums look more professional.

  • I guess some people are just different that way. Way to stand out of the crowd. 😄

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