Bidding, game balance, russia restricted

  • I haven’t played a game of A&A in six years, and am trying to get back into it. So I’ve been reading up on strategy, variations, etc, and most of it sounds pretty good (or bad, but at least I can see that). The one thing I am confused about is this bidding talk. Would someone just give me a quick example of how a basic, straight IPC bid works? Is it the general consensus of most veteran players that the Axis is screwed without a bid and Russia restricted?


  • Okay–I actually READ some of the old posts and found a good description of bidding and talk of bids and russia restricted and game balance etc. So I’ve got the bidding down, and I’m pretty sure the topic of game balance has been beaten to death here and on other threads, too. I’ll go read em. Just ignore my post-I don’t want to start the same old diatribe again.


  • Talk about doing things yourself 😄

  • I asked the same basic question under Player Help. Look there and see if the answers I got help you.

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