China Free Mod version 0.3

  • OK, this slim modification just include a optional set of rules, similar to Dardanelles and interceptors. So no new modules, just use China Free modules or even vanilla module. This is to give players a array of options to test and improve the balance (optionals apply to both scenarios)

    When playing CFM v. 0.3., players must choose a combination of those options:

    • Full power China: use old China Free Mod 0.2. modules, setup and rules (this optional makes the other optionals in this list not usable)
    • No ACME wall: ignore any movement restrictions for China
    • Semi-ACME: ignore movement restrictions for China only in Combat Moves phase (this means China can attack axis but not reinforce allied held territory). If China takes control of any non-chinese territory (as FIC), treat that territory as chinese (this means China can reinforce, say, FIC, if China controls it)
    • Save the Flying Tigers: chinese starting fig starts in Chinghai instead of Yunnan
    • Rebuild the Flying Tigers: USA can buy one fig for China (and only one) if starting one is killed (deploy it as in vanilla)
    • Chinese horde: China colects money as any normal power (starts with 7 IPCs), can buy only inf at 2 IPCs each (can be combined with RTFT optional), deploy them as in vanilla. If China holds no territory, the axis power who taken the last one receives remaining chinese IPCs

    If not using Full Power China, my favourite is No ACME wall + STFT+RTFT+ Chinese horde, but I find Semi-ACME+STFT+RTFT+Chinese horde pretty viable. I’d say the very minimal is SEMI-ACME+STFT+Chinese horde (it’s the one I tested more FTF and with nice results), but feel free of trying any combo

  • Just let China go first and round up infantry production (5 tt = 3 inf). I would also say let them move into Burma :roll:

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