Has anyone tried combining A&A miniatures with A&A board games?

  • A couple of years ago the guys at the Avalon Hill A&A website combined A&A Europe & Pacific and then created scenarios for all the battles.  People fought the battles with the miniatures submitted their results and the results were applied to the board.  This was done every week.  I’m wondering if anybody here participated or has tried to do the same thing?  The guys who organized this mostly explained how they did this but not entirely.  If anybody has tried this how did you do it?  Just wondering cause I want to organize something like this.  Thanks for any feedback.

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    If you’re aware of the AH efforts, they did a Guadalcanal campaign like that as well, you know as much as anyone. There’re aren’t many folks interested in the naval minis round these parts usually so you might try house rules or variants under either minis or board games.

    I would think the best route to go would be each unit on the board game side is worth a particular number of points in mini units excluding unit types not present i.e. No ACs no ACs in the mini battle.

    I think though they didn’t really set any hard and fast rules because of the likelihood of creating mini battles that simply wouldn’t be any fun or were not representative of the situation on the board. A bunch of minis ‘scenarios’ with only infantry and a plane would get old pretty quick.

  • We have talked about using some of the mini pieces for the board game- never done it but the discussion involved paying more for a named battleship or carrier and maybe requiring an extra hit to take it out, an extra attack die, land more aircraft on the carrier, something like that…

    Mostly we wanted to use them for the sake of appearance…

    What killed the deal was a lack of American Carriers (Big E is tough to get- ebay I guess) and an over abundance of the Japanese Carriers. Both sides have about the same number of Battleships in our collections.

  • i have done this and it is fun i have a written rule book for Europe at war.

  • hey
    talking to a guy who is working on this
    he has been creating battles and putting stuff on the web
    in a an email he was talking about working out the bugs on the first landing set ups from the ship action to the game action.

    they went through the little things like what a ship can carry, landing troops, mines, demolition, shore vs ships, gun support for troops.

    he hopes to have some rules out by December.

    i got this from his site

    Free Baltic Thunder Battle.pdf

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