Help! Questions about the value of Axis and Allies: War at Sea miniatures!

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    So I was going through old toys in my basement when I stumbled upon a bin of plastic naval ships and cards that I liked when I was younger and decided to list them on Ebay since I really needed money for school. They are game pieces for Axis and Allies: War at Sea.

    I set the auction for 50 thinking “well i’d be happy to get a at least that much for them and if it gets bid up a few extra dollars that’d be nice”. Iv’e since gotten almost 200 veiws, 40 watchers and a couple people message me offering me as much as 350 dollars to end the auction and sell it to them!

    I guess my question is, are these things really that valuable and did I majorly screw myself over by not researching more and asking for more money? Most of the people making offers or bidding people seem to be re-sellers of the same miniatures, so i’m worried they could be potentially worth more even than that and that iv’e really screwed myself over…

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