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    Hi, New the forum and I have a question on the scale of the naval miniatures? Is it 1/2400 like GHQ?



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    I believe it is a bit bigger than that (1/2400) although I’m not certain. I do know that ships and aircraft are different. My models of the biggest ships, (Enterprise, Iowa, Akagi) fit in the boxes they send you new checks in.

    Ahhh According to this it is 1:1800 for ships and 1:900 for aircraft.

    They are decent enough little models.  The rare ships are much nicer than the common and uncommon ones, mostly destroyers and support vessels, which sometimes can look cheap and are sometimes bowed (easily fixed with a hair dryer on low.) But the big battleships and carriers all look okay.

    Here is the gallery for the first set at Avalon Hill’s site.

    Second set called Task Force. Several repaints from the first set.

    The game is pleasant enough as long as you aren’t looking for a detailed and complex naval game.

    I was just looking a bit closer at those galleries and the photos are not to scale with each other they’ve pushed all the ships to look closer in size than they are.

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    These miniatures are addicting! I was looking at some of the individual prices on Ebay for some of the models. Are the inflated prices due to production or just the usual hype for collectibles? I bought a case of War at Sea and scored some good finds. That seems to be the way to buy them. Kind of reminded me of collecting baseball cards seeing what was in the next box.

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    Mostly it is individual models of the Rare ships that fetch the higher prices (my Enterprise set me back about $15.) Cases of boosters are usually the best bet if you want lots of ships and aren’t particular which side you get. That though leads to having everything from the set but one or two ships and hence the steep eBay prices.

    Also the market is small so you have a lot of guys trying to get the same half dozenish models.

    Singles off eBay or popularcollections dot com is the best bet if you know what fleet you want.

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