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  • Does anyone here play A&a pacific.Everybody says victory points are a bad idea and counting fighter movements are boring. I know it’s farely new but after reading some posts it seems like alot of you have it.I like the game play it often and I was wondering if any of you play it and if so can you give me some strategies for any country.

  • I think that the VP’s are crapy, and it’s annoying to count aircraft movements, but I lave huge fleet battles can be fun. As for strategies, Japan can easly take India and hold it, so beware of that.

  • I to dont like the VP. and the idea that you can only use the Kamikaze planes in certain locations is not only bad but not real-a- listic. Japan used them where ever they could. and as many as they could. why count them and why use them in certain locations.

  • If the Japanese had as many kamakazis as they wanted the game would seriously be warped. They could cripple any fleet with maybe 3 or 4 fighters. I don’t really know why kamakazis are restricted to just a few sea zones but I can’t really think of all that many other places I would need them that badly. Also, I think that VPs are nearly the only way for Japan to win consistantly; without them the US would usually slaughter Japan long before they got a chance to do anything.

  • Well maybe the limit to locations where kamikazes can attack is unrealistic. But just imagine you can destroy hawaian and los angeles fleets with your kamikaze on the first turn keeping your six fighters for another duty… Japan wins for sure !!!

    But the limitation in number is realistic. In the real life the Japanese couldn’t produce more kamikaze than planes !

  • Japan is limited to those areas because, kamikaze, killing your best pilots, was a last resort. Only when Japan itself was threaten did this (Kamikaze) become a major combat tactic.

    Killing your best pilots off the coast of New Zealand in a Kamikaze attack would be poor judgement.

  • Kamikaze attacks were made late in the actual war, in waters near the Japanese home islands. They were not made by the best pilots; they were made by young men trained just well enough to point planes at ships. Kamikaze planes were cheap and crammed with explosives. The game rules are not entirely realistic; I think the designers were trying to capture the desperation of the Kamikaze, not to reflect the complicated issues that led Japan to adopt suicide as a military tactic.

  • i am a beginner at this game and i dont get the collect income!    :mrgreen:    how much do you get for each turn

  • plz tell  :?

  • At the end of each turn, you add up the IPC value of territories controlled by the side you are playing and you receive that many IPCs.  For the UK, in addition to the value of the territories, you get up to 12 IPCs for UK convoys that you can distribute between Australia and India at the end of your turn.  The US also has convoys which can add a further 15 IPCs to the US total if they control those.

    In AA Pacific, in obtain IPCs for a particular territory, the country must control both the terrritory and any associated convoy route.  For examply if Japan holds Philippines, it must also control sz38 in order to get the 3 IPCs for Philippines.  If Japan controls Philippines but the US controls sz 38, neither side gets the IPCs for that turn.

    I hope this helps.


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