• Hi guys,
    I have just decided to try Axis and Allies for the first time, and I’m wondering if you guys have some advice on whats the best way to get started. I figure I will buy the starter set, but what else should I look at? Well thanks for any info and maybe be playing some of ya soon.

  • i would definetely recommend the starter set, you need it for the maps and rule book and counter’s etc.
    then you would probably need some booster pack’s, and after playing a few games decide if you want to concentrate on building specific armies or collecting all the armies, i would also recommend checking out the avalon hill miniatures database
    , it has all the individual units stats and “cost”, there is a link to it in this forum, check it out in the miniatres discussion board, under the topic of sniper abilities. also check out the avalon hill website for stat changes and rules faq.

  • Get the 1939-1945 Starter Set, obviously, and depending on how much additional money you have left to focus, I’d recommend getting a booster case of 1939-1945 (12 boosters). You can find that here http://miniaturemarket.com/inc/sdetail/129768 for the most reasonable price possible (you basically get 4 boosters for free). The reason I recommend the 39-45 set so much is because it’s the “greatest hits” release, so you get a pretty balanced assortment of pieces for all the medium to major powers.

    If that’s a little too excessive for your tastes, or you want some specialty pieces not in it, I’d go with two 39-45 boosters, two North Africa boosters, and maybe a couple of Reserves boosters.

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