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  • Now I’ve only played 2 a&a games so I was looking for some help on these great boards. I got a question that I don’t think the rules clarify (I don’t own the game or rules though, so after a quick read through I haven’t set eyes on them) but my friends and I were wondering if you go over the 45 IPC mark on the currency board how do you mark it? Start at the start of the board and mark with two stacked chips? Or do you just leave it at 45? I guess what I’m trying to ask is, is 45 IPC the most you can get per turn?

  • What you do is place one marker on 45 and another marker on the number that will give you your total IPC count. For instance if Japan has an IPC count of 47. You put one marker on 45 and another Japanese marker on 2 (45+2=47).

  • Quite right, comrade.

  • thanks for the reply, i didn’t think it would make sense if you couldn’t go higher than 45 cuz then if you lost some land it would be confusing when deducting the right amount of income.

    Yeah, thanks for clarifying :D:P I think I confuse myself too much

  • sure, no prob.

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