Do you prefer playing axis or allies ?

  • '11

    Mmm, Panzer dash. What could be better. The Axis is just so much more fun.

  • 2007 AAR League

    A year back I might have said Axis.
    Now I’d say that I prefer Allies. Why?

    -> you loose less number of games playing them  😄

  • '19 Moderator

    Well, if your looking for stats Allies is the best choice, if you want to improve your game you play axis.

  • Ok, you might win more games with the Allies, but a victory with the Axis is sooooooo much more fulfilling.
    What can I say? I’m a man who loves a challenge :roll:
    And I really like play the evil guy :evil:

  • It depends if how I feel. I like Japan and Russia the best so it depends on which on who i’d rather be at that moment. i should be more active on these boards after school ends on the 21st.

  • Axis. I got a thing for Germany  :evil:
    though japan does bore me…

  • '19 Moderator

    I supose I like Germany because I’m a narcissist and I want everyone looking and paying attention to me 😉

  • '11

    Germany is definitely the more fun to play of the two Axis powers. However, Japan poses more of a challenge when dealing with troops spread across so many islands and also having to deal with main land Asia.

  • With the Allies, you get corn-fed wholesome American girls, sophisticated British girls, spicy Indian girls, hot Ethiopian girls, aboriginal hotties from Australia, Chinese girls, and Russian supermodels.

    True, with the Axis, you get French, German, and Italian hotties, plus Japanese girlies.

    But I think the Allies just have so much more to offer . . . I’m going to have to go with Allies . . .

  • you naughty bunny, come ride my lap

  • '11

    Well, I never thought of it that way. The Allies are starting too sound a bit more interesting.

  • Do not belief what bunny says! It’s all propaganda, it is 😉

  • '11

    Damn long ears.  😄

  • Well, most of my successes have been with Japan so far.

    Usually, the spicy Indians and Chinese are quick to comfort the victorious Yellow fellows. Hawaiians offer flowers, and New Zealanders sing like Hayley Westenra and Kiri te Kanawa.
    BUT… Allies often get back the stunning Norwegians (not before Operation Lebensborn ‘produces’ Anni-Frid Lyngstad!).
    And the French dames get two sets of lovers every turn…

  • Are we still talking about Axis&Allies?

  • 😞
    Nope, topic degeneration has set in. 😢

  • OK, back on topic then.

    Altough I’m a big fan of the Axis, it has to be said that each power poses its own unique challenge to play with.

    It has the benefit that it can strike both Japan and Germany, but because of its low income and its position between the two Axis-Powers, it will need the help of the other Allies to survive.

    Starts with the second highest income of the game and they can increase this income fairly quickly. However, it cannot withstand a KGF-plan because they will never generate enough income to withstand 3 powers attacking them.

    Has countries all over the world and a lot of possibilities to attack the Axis. But their income can very quickly become very low due to Axis attacks.

    With her strong fleet, it has a lot of options and choices about where they’re gonna assault. But if the US decides to go all-out for Japan with a little support from UK and USSR, then the Japanese are going to get in trouble.

    Her biggest advantage is her large income combined with her location wich places their large income-countries far away from the Axis. But because they’re so far away from the battlefields, it’s going to take them a lot of time to make a big difference.

    To conclude:
    If you prefer land battles, go with USSR or Germany
    If you just can’t resist splashing away in the water, go with UK, Japan or US.

    There, I said it 😄

  • Against a good opponent, the coordination requirement of one’s side (Allies/Axis) is much greater as the allies than the axis.

    Sometimes I do not feel like dealing with that, so I choose the Axis.

    But if I were in a ‘must-win’ game, (assuming a reasonable bid level) I’d rather have the allies.  They can absorb some bad dice (specifically early) and it’s always easier to defend than to attack in this game.

  • I don’t agree with the statement that the Allies can better absorb bad dice. It’s true for the US and perhaps to a lesser degree to the UK, but Russia can’t survive bad dice, especially at the start of the game.
    If the Russians have some bad dice at the start, then it’s Panzers to Moscow everyone! :evil:

    But I agree that the Allies rely much more on a team-effort than the Axis do, altough not completly. Because the Allies(if playing smart) always pick one Axis-power to attack(usually the Germans :|), so then it’s up to the other Axis to secure a victory. This can be achieved if the Axis-power under attack resists as long as possible, maybe with some help from his ‘partner in crime’.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion and I understand if some of you don’t agree…

  • @FM_Rommel:

    I don’t agree with the statement that the Allies can better absorb bad dice. It’s true for the US and perhaps to a lesser degree to the UK, but Russia can’t survive bad dice, especially at the start of the game.
    If the Russians have some bad dice at the start, then it’s Panzers to Moscow everyone! :evil:

    2 out of 3, that’s more than half that can survive the bad dice  😛 😛 :roll:

    All kidding aside, I can understand your point.

    I think Russia can manage their exposure to bad dice if they are risk averse:
    For example, only attacking WRU on R1 really limits their exposure to bad dice.

    Or if they try for Ukraine, they can w/d if things go badly.  I do concur that rounds and rounds of bad dice will do Russia in… it IS a dice game we’re playing !

  • Since I started using the AARe ruleset, I’ve been favoring the Allies more and more, especially Russia.

  • i like playing both
    allies arze stil lthe good guys, and have allot a chash 🙂
    but axis have most soldiers, so

  • i’m a pro-axis player myself. i’ve always been interested in WWII, and especially in germany. so i always enjoy it more

    mind you, i’ve played germany so often that my mates always try to make me play a different nation. mainly an allied one!  :lol:

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