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Help with axis revised strat

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    I think we are in agreement, I’ll only buy the 2nd one when I do anticipate 14 units being placed.  I ment the 10-11 unit thing in addition to the IC so I need to be earning about 45 so I can buy 1 IC+10 inf and then place 10 inf (say 3 fic, 7 jap) and then place my IC on either Sin/Ind.  Since I’m already at 44-45, I know next turn I’ll have no trouble spending 45 on 13-14 units.

    My typical turns/income will be

    Rd 1 - 30 (3 trns, 1 arm, save 1)  - collect 33 (chi + bury) + 1 save
    Rd 2 - 34 (1 trn, 6 inf, 1 arm save 3) - collect 37 (chi, sin, bury, sfe, yak) + 3 save (you may be able to take ind but I didn’t count it)
    Rd 3 - 40 (1 IC, 8 ground units) - collect 43 (above + ind, aus, hi)
    Rd 4 - Here I’d probably pass on a 2nd (purchased) IC until Rd 5 but if I was able to take Novo (or Kaz) in J3 or took Ind in J2 I’d probably be over 45.  So in that case I’d buy the 2nd IC and still place 10 units.  I also have no problem waiting another rd.  Spend my 43 on 8 inf 3 arm save 4 and then in Rd 5 buy the IC and perhaps place on Sin or Ind in this case.

    Also the turn that I am short 1 unit is the turn I’ll move the AA to the mainland to cover my IC.

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