• Hey everyone,
    Quick question about the subs submerging rule. If a sub is submerged and wants to pass under enemy units to a farther territory and a destroyer is present in the enemy territory, does the sub engage in combat and does it sneak under? Thanks

  • A Sub can sneak through a hostile seazone to the seazone beyond, but NOT if there are enemy Destroyers in the zone you want to sneak through.

    Subs can use their sneak during Combat Movement (to attack the seazone beyond), or during Noncombat Movement, as long as the seazone beyond is friendly or unoccupied.


  • True, the presence of a DST in a SZ that a SUB is passing through leads to “detection” of the SUB by the DST and combat results in the SZ.

    Thus in NCM movement, a DST BLOCKS movement by a SUB through that SZ, since the SUB cannot NCM through it.

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