Destroyers: Just a cheaper Battleship?

  • I’ve found that in the games I play with my crew, people don’t often use subs. Does this mean that destroyers are nothing more than weaker, but cheaper battleships? Is it just the fact that a single destroyer prevents all the subs special abilities, or is there something about the submarine that we’ve overlooked?

  • Yeah, I found you don’t buy alot of subs, thats why I put this optional rule in.


    Subs can only be attacked if a Destroyer or Another sub is present or if a fleet moves into their zone and they choose to defend. There for, a fleet of an aircraft carrier, a transport, and a battleship must move in the combat step into the zone with the sub, if the defending subs chooses not to defend then the Fleet may continue and move the rest of its movement or stop in that zone and unload, load or just sit.

    This rule makes subs always submerged unless they wish not to be or unless a Destroyer attacks them or a sub. If a sub attacks though, the sub attacked may submerge after one round of battle. Subs may pass through enemy sub zones still also. It is the choice of the attacking sub or passing sub to attack the sub in a sea zone or to pass through.

    It seems to help.

  • Sounds interesting! 😎

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