Can you do separate multiple attackes to one country?

  • Can I have an amphibious assault on Germany, then after all the amphibious units are killed, do a ground assault on Germany? Of course I would declare all these attacks in the combat movement phase.

    Also in an amphibious assault can my fighters retreat?


  • All attacks against one teritory in one turn must be fought out together. After all they are simultanious in the context of the game, it wouldn’t make sense to have the defenders defend in two spots at once.
    About the retreating air, it depends on which rules and which game you are playing with. The third edition allow retreating air as do both expansions, the second edition rules do not.

  • Yeah, I think Bossk is right.

  • Are there any circumstances where 2 separate attacks would be a good idea? (assuming that the defender could bring all his forces to bear upon both attacks - otherwise it might be an interesting addendum . . . force the defender to choose how to split his/her forces to meet a 2 pronged attack on, say, W.Eur)

  • it’s kind of a moot point as the rules don’t allow it… but there could be many uses for it - mainly in robbing airsupport of its infantry “armour”…

  • The thing is if you could do 2 separate attacks, you can have one attack take out a territory then another attack going after a non - little defended territory.

  • In the same vein as the original question: Can I use fighters to destroy/force withdrawl a sub that is ‘blocking’ my fleet then move my ships through that sea zone to initiate combat in one behind it? I suspect not, but would like a clarification/rules to support this.

  • That would be sort of illegal; you see, all combat moves must be completed before any combat takes place (that includes the fighter attacking a sub), so you would be unable to move through the seazone into any sort of combat. I recomend you go through the sections of the rules that deal with combat movement and combat (pp. 14-20) thoroughly as they are possibly the most important and confusing areas of the game.

  • I think this reinforcements rule puts the axis at a disadvantage and we all know the axis already has enough disadvantages to deal with.

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