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    Greetings everyone!

    Since the first time I heard about Global 2025, I have been fascinated with it. Now that it is out, I have been trying to develop a larger version that expands upon some of the concepts that G2025 offers. I have been working on a bigger map, and I now have one that’s being play testing. Global War 2025 Map.pdf

    So far, I like the feel of the new map. I have added new territories, without making it too complex. I am still trying to balance the game in terms of scale for each faction. Example: I wanted to make the Chinese Navy more powerful, and also develop neutral nations more. I also want to adjust the incomes of the nations. Currently NATO is becoming too powerful. Last playtest, there was a fair large invasion of Russia within 6 turns!

    This is still a huge work in progress, but I wanted to showcase what I’ve accomplished so far.


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    @304thmountaineercorp Just a friendly reminder that all of the Global War games are copyrighted and HBG insists that all expansions to the games be approved by them.

  • @generalhandgrenade

    Thanks for the reminder, but this is just for fun! I have no intentions of selling anything. I just wanted a bigger version of the game. If anyone wants the map I created, they are more than welcome to it. I love your channel by the way!

  • Any progress on this?

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