• Hey, i’m working on making a massive AA game including both AAE and AAP boards as well as the original.

    If anyone has successfully done this let me know, i think i’m close. looking for other perspectives.

  • GET A LIFE(better yet, get a new game)!

  • I’ve thought about using the artillery and destroyers from europe and pacific in the original game (would have to be tested for balance etc.) I also thought about playing both europe and pacific simultaniously (stay on the same turn). You can start pacific with japan, and after Japan goes that player can start his Germnay turn on the other game (same players are axis). So when allied pacific is thinking about their turn, axis eroupe is thinking about that turn. If u stay on the same turns, then when one game is finished you can reward the winning side with IPCs in the other game thats not finished.

    for example, on the 5th turn in pacific Japan wins by taking and holding india. On germanies turn after that, in the europe game, germany would get a one time bonus of 100 IPCs. Or 30 bonus IPCs per round. Or whatver you want to make it.

  • There already ARE combining rules for A&AE and A&AP there at this site……


    check them out

  • Yeah, I heard of those rules before, but how could you manage to Incorporate the original A&A board into both A&A:E and A&A:P?
    I mean, the A&A board is surrounded by water, so there’s really no way to connect the land portions.

    Crazy! 😛

  • i get ur point but in the rules there are special modifications and stuff…i didnt bother readin them cuz my eyes would hurt afta starin at the screen that long lol…but i dont have pasific so why should i really care

  • Wondering if anybody has a picture of a combined aae@aap game that is put together?

  • does playing AAE combined with AAP give you a “divided threatres” feel compared to the normal world map?
    or is it for more territories?

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