AAE Scenario: Europe 1939 (France, USA, Germany, Britain, USSR, Italy)

  • Hello, I’m new to the boards here but not to the game. I’ve played the Europe board, the new World board, and the Pacific board for some time now, and although I have found things to like about all of them, the World board remains my favorite board.

    As I and my playing partners found it, the Pacific board was tons of fun, but it had too many special rules to play on a regular basis. It’s good to pull out every now and again for some fresh air, but it is best enjoyed in small doses.

    The Europe board, on the other hand, was intriguing. It was easy enough, playing the regular rules of the board, but the way it was laid out (and my CivII playing memories) suggested that this board could be much more.

    Then one day my friend e-mailed me with what would become the rules I present to you now. Over the course of rigorous playtesting and much hypothetical pondering, we labored together to refine the original rules (inspired by some rules elsewhere, admittedly, but my friend can’t remember where) into a highly playable and entertaining game scenario. What you see here is our latest version of AXIS & ALLIES: EUROPE 1939.

    We believe that this scenario, beginning as it does in 1939 and covering the (possible) invasions of Poland, France, and the Soviet Union, presents the player with a fuller sense of the scope of World War II in the ETO. Moreover, we have found that this scenario should be easier to learn than AAP.

    One final note before I paste the rules here: This board allows for many different possibilities, including the possible neutrality of the Soviet Union, a more effective defense of France, a more effectively fought Italian campaign, and/or a neutral United States. However, we feel that these possible outcomes are mitigated by their relative likelihood - the scenario has been so constructed such that it is commonly preferable for all players involved to follow the course of the war as historically borne out. Enjoy, and feel free to post your playing experiences, along with possible fixes for any problems you find.

    Axis & Allies Europe: 1939

    VICTORY CONDITIONS: Control two enemy capitals (capitals are comprised of Moscow, Germany, Northern Italy, United Kingdom and United States) for one turn.

    There are 5 playing nations: Soviet Union, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom (and minor allied and neutral countries), France/United States. Italy is played using Japanese pieces from one of the other game boards, and France/United States uses United States pieces.

    Turn Order: Germany, Soviet Union, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France/United States.


    Additional IPCs on Turn 1: Germany starts with 12 IPCs to spend on its first turn.
             Italy starts with an extra 6 IPCs to spend on its first turn.
             UK and France start with an extra 8 IPCs to spend between          the two of them.

    Soviet Union:

    The Soviet Union must remain at peace until Germany or Italy initiates hostilities against the Soviet Union. Then it must declare war against both of these countries and no others.

    Soviet convoy does not become active until Germany or Italy attacks the USSR.

    The Soviet Union may only use half of their income, rounding up, until Italy or Germany initiates hostilities against the Soviet Union.

    The Soviet Union may invade any of the pink territories not owned by the Axis and gain plunder from them as Germany would. Note: once one side has gained plunder from a territory, no other country may gain plunder from that same territory.

    France/United States:

    U.S. convoys become active when the USA enters the war (i.e. France falls).

    Maginot Line: French infantry in Eastern France defend on a 3 if attacked from Germany.

    The two British Convoys valued at 3 IPCs are French; if France falls they become British. If they have been occupied by Axis naval units, they will still need to be reoccupied by Allied powers.


    The total IPC value of the yellow Mid-East territories is counted to the end of each round. This money is divided between the French and British immediately for use on their next turn (in a fashion similar to British convoys in A&A Pacific).

    The Industrial Complex in Egypt may only deploy 1 British unit per turn.

    Vichy France:

    If France falls to the Axis, French IPCs are claimed by the conquering player and any French land or air units in Vichy France or North Africa immediately become German (they may not move until the following turn). Any remaining French land or air units in Allied territories become British.  French naval units are scuttled (removed from play).  The French convoys become British (if under Axis control at the time, they must be liberated first). From this point forward the French player is now the United States; nothing special happens if France is liberated.


    If the Axis conquer any of the minor allied powers or neutral British-occupied territories (all of which are originally under the jurisdiction of the British player), that Axis country immediately gains “plunder” from the bank equal to twice the IPC value of the territory conquered to spend on their following turn (territories with no IPC value yield a plunder of 1). This only works the first time a territory of this nature is conquered.

    Pact of Steel:

    Axis powers can deploy units using each other’s Industrial Complexes.


    Allied units in Red territories can be absorbed by the Soviet Union during the Soviet’s purchase phase.

    Other Rules:

    Strategic Bombing raids can only destroy up to the IPC value of the territory in which they are conducting the raid.

    Fighters cost 10, Carriers 16.  Tanks defend on a 3.

    Destroyers can bombard.

    The United States gets an industrial complex.  No new ones can be built.

    Allied units may not enter Soviet territory until the Axis initiates hostilities against the Soviets.

    If France falls, all Mid-East IPCs go to the UK by default. They may not be given to the United States.

    The British marker is used on the side of the IPC chart to keep track of Mid-East territories.


    GERMANY: 13 IPCs
    Germany: 8 infantry, 4 tanks, 2 artillery, 2 fighters, 1 bomber, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 AA gun.
    Austria: 2 infantry, 1 tank, 1 artillery.
    Czechoslovakia: 5 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 fighter.
    Hungary: 3 infantry, 1 tank, 1 artillery, 1 fighter.
    Finland: 2 infantry.
    Baltic Sea: 1 battleship, 1 destroyer.
    Danish Sea: 1 transport, 1 sub.
    Denmark Strait: 2 subs.
    Barents Sea: 2 subs.
    Mid-Atlantic: 2 subs.
    South Atlantic: 2 subs.

    Moscow: 1 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 AA gun.
    Leningrad: 1 infantry, 1 fighter, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 AA gun.
    Stalingrad: 1 infantry, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 AA gun.
    Archangel: 1 infantry, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 AA gun.
    Siberia: 1 infantry, 1 tank.
    Turkestan: 1 infantry.
    Caucasus: 1 infantry.
    Ukraine SSR: 1 infantry.
    Belorussia: 1 infantry.
    Russia: 1 infantry.
    Karelia: 1 infantry.
    Iran:  1 infantry.
    White Sea: 1 transport, 1 sub.

    ITALY: 9 IPCs
    Northern Italy: 5 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 bomber, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 AA gun.
    Southern Italy: 2 infantry.
    Libya: 2 infantry.
    Sicily: 1 fighter.
    Rumania: 2 infantry.
    Bulgaria: 1 infantry, 1 tank.
    Central Mediterranean: 2 subs.
    Tyrrhenian Sea: 1 destroyer, 1 transport.
    (Sardinia unoccupied).

    United Kingdom:  2 infantry, 1 tank, 1 artillery, 1 fighter, 1 bomber, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 AA gun.
    Canada:  1 tank, 1 Industrial Complex.
    Malta:  1 fighter.
    Atlantic:  1 battleship, 1 destroyer, 1 transport.
    Celtic Sea:  1 transport.
    English Channel:  1 destroyer.
    North Sea:  1 sub.
    Davis Straight:  1 transport.
    Straight of Gibraltar:  1 destroyer.
    Eastern Mediterranean:  1 destroyer, 1 transport.
    (Gibraltar and Iceland unoccupied; 2 convoys worth 5 IPCs).
    Mid-East:  (see special rules for Mid-East income).
    Egypt:  2 infantry, 1 Industrial Complex* (see special rules)
    Trans-Jordan:  1 infantry.
    Syria:  1 infantry.
    Iraq:  1 infantry, 1 tank.
    (Palestine unoccupied)
    Neutral and Minor Allies:  (do not contribute to UK income)
    Poland:  3 infantry, 1 fighter.
    East Poland:  1 infantry.
    Yugoslavia:  4 infantry.
    Greece:  2 infantry, 1 artillery.
    Crete:  1 infantry.
    Denmark:  1 infantry.
    Norway:  1 infantry.
    (Baltic States, Vyborg, and Bessarabia unoccupied).

    FRANCE:  17 IPCs
    France:  3 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 fighter, 1 Industrial Complex, 1 AA gun.
    Eastern France:  1 Tank, 3 infantry, 1 artillery.
    Vichy France:  2 infantry.
    Tunisia:  1 infantry, 1 artillery.
    Morocco:  1 infantry.
    Bay of Biscay:  1 transport, 1 sub.
    Western Mediterranean:  1 destroyer, 1 transport.
    (Corsica, Netherlands-Belgium, and Algeria are unoccupied; 2 convoys worth 3 IPCs).

  • You know, I have actually played and made up almost the exact thing, Italy with jap troops, the convoys, weird!  😮 Only real difference is that france was controled by britian so the U.S. just waited, and Finland and the USSR would fight for only 3 turns (fin. gaining 1inf pur turn untill all 3 were up). I’ll test your version out as soon as posible and tell you the results.

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    Have you play tested this?  What usually happens during the game? explain the typical game for us.

    Sounds pretty good.

  • @ Gewehr: Actually, the USA does wait in these rules until France falls.

    @ Imperious Leader: As noted in the preliminary text I supplied in the first post, My friends and I have indeed play-tested this scenario. I would not say that we have play-tested it to the point where I cannot possibly see any room for improvement, but we have reached the stage where all glaring balance issues have been sorted out.

    In the interest of brevity, I will not here type a typical game in its entirety. Instead, I will list some features of gameplay that my friends and I have noticed while playing this scenario:

    1. Very risky early actions with few units.
    2. France’s defensive policy has a HUGE impact on the outcome of the game sometimes.
    3. Germany’s offensive options allow for interesting alternate histories (e.g. never declaring war on the Soviet Union).
    4. The Pact of Steel allows the Axis to engage the enemy with their naval vessels much more effectively than in most AAE games.
    5. Aircraft Carriers have a somewhat limited utility in this scenario (my opinion, of course).
    6. Late-game looks a lot more like normal AA, with large battles between tank forces on land and the like.
    7. Italy is very small, but fun to play as.
    8. Division of the Axis powers makes for a more diverse enemy.
    9. Axis countries rely to a great deal on inertia - they cannot compete economically with the Allies at almost any point - but they are not weak by any means.
    10. Britain is generally more powerful on this map.

    As an interesting aside, Soviet violation of the  has been disabled because we found that, generally, if the USSR had declared war on Germany in 1939 the war would have been won quite shortly - both in real life and during playtesting on this scenario.

  • So what happens when USSR isn’t at war?
    What does that player do?

  • @ Eschaton, I meant that the player would have to wait untill france was taken sence the person playing britan would be playing the role of france.

    The Soviet player would probly be out of the game if/untill the axis declare war. I would take the U.K., then invade the soviets.
    Does the seperation of poland, baltics and bes. to the soviets come into the play, like axis are not alowed to invade them due to the agreement that they made? (forgot what the treaty was called)

    I’ve just started a game of your version today with a few people (only ading in my finnish-russo war rule). One is the USSR, the other is britan and the french/U.S., I am the Axis  :evil: .

    So far, I’ve takin poland, denmark, yugo., and bel-neth. with ease. Tunisia didn’t want to fall very easly, but I have taken it.
    The soviets have taken vyborg, bes., and the balitic states.
    The U.K. hasn’t done alot, it’s been wrestling my u-boats for a few turns.

    I’ll update when we complete the game tommorow.

  • Customizer

    Surely you’ve been tempted to dicker with the map?

    This was my effort (few years old now):


    Imperious Loser’s map, complete with SQUARE IPC values….


    Note that Bessarabia should reach to the Black Sea.  Otherwise it’s pretty pointless including it.

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    Note that Bessarabia should reach to the Black Sea

    its not only Bessarabia but territory’s that mostly include it among others, while Bessarabia shares most of the common territory. You see i make maps that consider how making one territory rather than two would lead to other playability issues because if it where one then the Soviets could easily protect it.

    Besides its based on AAE and more or less uses the same setup. Its my correction to the issue that Germany can easily take the Soviets. That is why in both versions this territory is the same.

    It would help if you knew the larger issues going on in these games rather than comment on Rio De Oro et al ad nauseum. (last part is in Latin)

  • I want to buy ILs map, but I don’t have enough money.
    FM’s is perty sweet too.
    I just simply took a detailed permanant marker and mad a squigle type line to cut a teritorie in half. As for the IC I split it between the two and if it has only 1IC, then I either left the other one with no or 1 extra IC.

    UPDATE: for the game, I’ve taken Greece, Crete, All of France, Malta, Norway, and I breafly had Iceland and Egypt. The U.S. has odly taken Sicly.  😐 Now with the U.S. in the war, I’m having alot of trouble fighting back to take the seas. As for the SU, it’s gained a good amount of inf and art.

  • @ tekkyy: When the USSR is not at war, several options are available to it, some of them rather tricky. The first is of course to start building up what forces it can with half its IPCs, readying itself against the day when the Germans will come. Another option would be to hoard all collected IPCs during peace for a sudden outpouring when the Germans finally to decide to make their move. Another would be to begin building naval vessels and using them to block Axis movement throughout the naval theater of operations. Yet another idea, perhaps the most crafty of them all, would be to begin moving Russian infantry into Allied territories, thus forcing the Axis to begin hostilities against the USSR if they want to take a given Allied territory that has Russian troops in it.

    @ Gewehr: the Axis are allowed to invade the pink states and gain plunder from them without starting a war with Russia. I know this is historically innaccurate, but I like to think that had the Germans been more sure of themselves at the start of hostilities, they could have blitzed all the way to the Russian border or nearly so before the Russians got there. And if the German player doesn’t occupy these territories on the first turn, the Russians are more than welcome to them.

    In your game, how are the French doing? If they have fallen (which I presume they have, since you say the US is in the war), do remember the Vichy France Rule. It can be critically important to the balance of the game. Also, how did you manage to take Iceland? I forget if that is a British territory or what. If not, remember to gain plunder from your conquest  :evil:

  • France fell lika rock. I took the Magnot Line head on!!. And I gained 3inf, 1art in vichy france, and 1 inf and 1art in morrocow cause I pushed them back there with Italy. Giblitar has 1 inf from the french now. As for Iceland, it was a mistake, I took it by exaausting the brits with th uboats (at this time the U.S. just intered so he now only has 1 d and 1 tp) Then I moved a fleet of 2d, 1s, and a tp with 2 inf from the Danish to Norweigien Sea, and on my next turn I sent them to Denmark Strait, invaded, sent a fg over there too. Next turn the brits had taken all out my subs and the whole royal navy decimated my guys off iceland. Later I finaly had a breakthrough with Italy and took Egypt, and the whole mid east except Iran of course. Last thing I need  is the SU in the war Hes got a nice sized navy in the baltics, and good amout of inf. After I had the mid-e,  the U.S. took back iceland, went strait to norway and took that, sending tons of inf, t, and art from the U.K. were he was “storeing” them. Finland had a snowballs chance in hell! I evacuated what I could (2 inf, 1art, leaving 1inf to die). Now I am trying to attempt to take it back, building up subs to take on the fleet suppling  them and d/tps to invade…AGAIN! Thats why iceland was a mistake. Yes I’ve been using the plunder, Italy mainly cause of all the island that I’ve been taking in the med. Shwew…

    By the time I take Britan, I wont want to invade the SU, they’ll have to many troops. and I can’t consintrate on both the USAN and the SU. I think I have a 55% chance of winning this game.

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  • Corsica and Sardinia are to be considered one island, do you think I need to specify that?

  • Eeeh…I use them as two islands. Thier rarly used when ever I play anyway

    I took back Norway, Finland, Moroco, the med., Scicly, but still is going to take a long time to rule the seas though. I am also officially scared to attake th SU (total of 58inf  😮 12art 6t 4ft 2bm, 5AA and 2tp, 2s, and 2d!  😢 )

  • The option for peace Russia to choose between saving up and building is interesting. But would be useful only if there were significant counter forces.
    Like if there was a scissors paper rock situation with the units building strategy. For land combat I think the standard game do not.

    Not sugguesting a big rule change nor this particular rule but for example if you made it land units can’t hit air units but air units must retreat without friendly land units…then you have a scissors paper rock situation.
    *more air units + few land units
    *balanced composition
    *more land units + few air units

    Naval combat we already have scissors paper rock situation, I think.

    P.S. Wouldn’t it be fun if Russia could declare war on US/UK and enter alternate history 😉

  • I’ve had fun and done that before  :lol: U.S./Brtian vs SU vs Axis Usually ends up the Su and allies squish germany together untill they meet, it seems always to be a draw though. Too many turns.

  • @Gewehr:

    I’ve had fun and done that before   :lol: U.S./Brtian vs SU vs Axis Usually ends up the Su and allies squish germany together untill they meet, it seems always to be a draw though. Too many turns.

    Oh, so nothing is changed then. Germany gets squished even if Russia isn’t collaborating with US/UK.

  • Good god, how did you let Russia get so big? They ARE using only half of their income, right?

  • I don’t know. Yes hes using 1/2 income $10 each turn. He built nothing but inf. for like 5 turns. Belive me, I’ve watched him and what hes been doing, and I personly have been giving him only $10 each turn (I’m the banker). The year is probly like 1942-43.
    Want to know the whole map here:

    US-12inf 5art 3t 2fg 1aa 1bm
    UK- 6inf 3art 2fg 1bm
    S Atlan.- 1b 2tp 1d
    E US coast- 1b
    Alz. Sea- 2d 2tp
    Den. Strait-1d 1tp
    Iceland-1inf 1fg
    cyprus- 1bm

    UK- 6inf 3art 1bm 1aa
    Canada- 3inf 1art 1t 1aa
    Gib.- 3inf
    Malta- 1inf
    cyrprus- 1fg
    celtic sea- 1b 2d 2tp
    Atlantic- 1d 2tp
    Gib. Strait- 1d 2tp

    Germany:  :evil:
    Finland- 3inf 1t
    norway- 3inf 1art 1t 1fg
    denmark- 1inf
    poland- 6inf 1t 1art
    Germany- 4inf 1art 1t 1fg 1bm
    Bel-Neth- 4inf 2t
    France- 6inf 3art  3t 1fg 1aa
    E-france- 3inf
    vichy- 1inf
    hungary- 6inf 2t 1art
    moroco- 3inf
    lybia- 1inf
    Check, Aust, yugo, greece, algeria unoc. by germany forces
    Tyrian Sea- 1d 1tp
    Norweigian sea- 2s
    danish sea- 2s 1d 2tp
    b o biscay- 1s

    N-Italy- 6inf 1t 1art 1aa
    S-Italy- 3inf
    Scicly 1inf
    German Yugo.-2inf
    German Greece-3inf
    German Moroco- 1bm
    german alger.- 1t 2inf
    tunis- 3inf
    lybia-1inf 1t
    Egypt- 3inf
    iraq- 2inf
    syria-2inf 1art
    Romania- 5inf 2t
    Bulgaria, crete, trans jor., pals. unoc
    C-med.- 1d 1tp
    Tyria. Sea- 1s
    W-Med. 2d 1s

    Soviet Union:
    moscow- 6inf 2art 2t 1fg 1bm 2aa
    russia- 4inf 1t
    siberia- 4inf 1art
    Arch An.-3inf 1t 1aa
    Kalria- 3inf 1art 1t 1fg
    vyb.- 3inf
    lenin- 6inf 1art 1t 1aa
    Baltic state- 3inf 1art 1fg
    E-Poland- 4inf 1t 1fg
    Bessa.- 3inf 1t
    Ukr.- 4inf 1art 1bm
    Belorusia- 4inf 2art
    Stalin- 6inf 1art 1t 1fg
    caucus- 4inf 1art 1fg
    Iran- 3inf 1art : (
    Turk- 4ing 1t
    Baltic Sea- 1d 1s 1tp
    White sea- 1tp 1d 1s

    There yea go.  😄 😄

    If I know that I’m going to lose, like if france and Italy are gone, then I’ll declare war on the SU just to see how fast he zips through me.

  • How do you like the game, then?

  • Great! I’ve made a few things like this up with the 1939 senario before and always had fun with it. The games delayed for a while, US/Britash guy (chris) is going outa town for a few days.
    The only bad thing is the jap counters, just looks weird on the europe map.

    Speaking of wierd pieces, has anyone else noticed that the german fighter is a stuka dive bomber  :? I don’t under stand why they didn’t use a Fock Wulf or Bf/Me 109? wth

  • I hope I get some other people to play these rules. Any suggestions on where to put them up so that a large number of A&A fans will know where to find them?

    And yeah, the Stuka isn’t exactly the pinnacle of German aircraft development, but you must understand that early on in the war, the Stuka was feared for its powerful ground support capabilities, and thus is generally more memorable to us, its victims, than say the rather generic-looking BF-109. Really, it’s mostly about the recognition factor - will players of Axis and Allies generally recognize this piece as distinctively German?

    Also, if you ask me, the Stuka and the Russian Sturmovik are the two aircraft they got right. Yes, the P-38 and the Spitfire were crucial to the Americans and British, but neither of them served in a ground-support role primarily, especially the Spitfire. A better choice might have been the Mosquito or the Hawker Hurricane.

  • To me, the fighters should be a fighter. this is how I would have done it.
    America: p-38 or p51 mustang
    Germany: Bf109 or Me109
    UK: Spitfire or Hurricane
    SU: I don’t know Soviet aircraft
    Japan: Zeke
    I also would have the german tanks be panzer IVs not panthers. There wernt nearly as many panthers as there was IVs produced.

  • just a suggestion, bt have you thought about making the northern american convoy under british control during peactimes? then have a rule if germany attacks that convoy america is brought to the war. maybe if the canadian one is held in german hands for a certian number of turns. that’s because american goods would be traveling though that convoy too.

  • I made up a rule that amerca was only alowed to produce fighters and send them over to britan at which time they would turn into british fighters. The Eagle Squadren.

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