War in Afganistan

  • Is the war in Afganistan just?

    I discussed this in school today. One guy wanted to nuke Afganistan.

    The way I see it, it’s not really affecting the Terroists ability to hit us, its making a martyr out of the Taliban, and we’ve killed thousands of civilians and dozens of our own soldiers. The local warlords are taking over again. I don’t even see any pragmatic gain.

  • What would you suggested they do.

  • The intent is justice (revenge?) for 9/11.
    Whether or not the Taliban or Bin Laden’s terrorists are involved totally is irrelevant. Do you really think most Americans care what happens to Afghanistan?

    P.S. This is not my feelings or my opinion; only my observation here in New England, USA.

  • The war in afghanistan is not going to clense it of its problems (only Rambo can do that, and he is busy in an old folk’s home in thailand.) The truth is that Bin Laden is probably dead, the developer of the WTC attacks is dead, 19/19 of the hijackers are dead :razz:, and Al Qaeda’s second in command is captured. Not a total success, but perhaps the military wants to continue this war for 10 years, even though they already killed the guys who are a real threat. It would be hard to expand this war if Afghanistan was too successful. I wouldn’t be suprised if that muhammed omar guy is dead…but any of this was released to fast, the US couldn’t say that Iraq is giving them shelter, justifying invasion. (Personally, I want saddam out, but not for 9-11.)

    Afghanistan was a brilliant military success. I’m no military strategist, but why don’t we use our missiles to kill the war lords? maybe they are the best political stability in afghanistan to permit a so called “pipeline.” I do not know.

    Bin Laden is probably dead…that is probably good revenge.

  • Whow do we know the guy we see on tv is bin Laden?? If I was a terrorist planning on assulting the most powerful country in the world, I would use a lacky with a script to represent me to the press. For all you know, “Osama bin Laden” is your ariyan next door neighbor. as for what we should do, kill the warlords, conquer the country, set up our own government, and assisnate saddam just for the agrivation hes caused.

  • The Bin Ladin in the latest video makes a reference to the Arab Summit of last month. If thats him we see, and not a look a like, he’s alive.

  • “The Bin Ladin in the latest video makes a reference to the Arab Summit of last month.”

    it does? do you know where i can read a transcript?

  • Check the CNN website. I believe I heard it on that channel.

  • :sad: no links!

  • I went to CNN.com, and it mentioned that the things Usama said were dated (statistics from october and september.) no mention from anything recent…

    gotta go to spanish class!

  • Hmm, I’ll try to find it somewhere.

  • thanks

  • On 2002-04-19 16:14, Mr Ghoul wrote:

    What would you suggested they do.

    Become less dependent on oil. Pull out of the middle East, 1st Saudia Arabia, and then on.

    When the USSR invaded Afganistan, they got hit with numerous terrorist attacks. When they pulled out, the attacks stopped.

    BTW, before the U.S. pulls out they should help the Israelis pull their people out of the West Bank and Build that Wall they so desperately need.

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