What is your fav war board game?

  • So what is it? A&A, A&AE, A&AP, HOFW, Risk, or something else?

    I want to buy one and wanted to see what people think. I already got Risk 2210 ad and I really like it.

  • Also I heard that in A&AE unless the player playing Germany is really good then the allies win most of the time, is this true?

  • Must I choose just one of the A&A games, they’re all so good. Indeed, Europe is rather difficult on the Germans. The first few times my group played it they really got slaughtered. It’s kind of overwhelming for the Germans moving from regular to Europe; there are so many more territorys and your troops are so dispirsed amoung them it’s kind of hard to make sense of it all at first.

  • I like this game called Britannia. Takes place in England and scotland from the time of the Romans to the Colonial British.

    of the AA games, I like regular A&A.

  • While I haven’t played in many years and just got it for Christmas, I have to say Squad Leader. I like A&A because it’s simple enough to teach someone in a few minutes that you can get to playing relatively soon.


  • I like Risk because there’s no setup… and it’s the simplest. I play it much more often too. but, out of the A&A games, I like the original…

  • I like Advanced Third Riech. It’s supper complicated though, and the games last a while. It took me about a year to learn, and my current game I’ve been playing for about 5 months. Interestingly it has almost the exact same map as A&A E

  • A&a original.it’s the most diverse

  • I just got A&AE, so I can’t quite say just yet…but A&A orig. is still a classic.

  • another war game I find cool is diplomacy.I like the idea of using pre world war 1 empires.

  • Can you help me with Diplomacy? I can’t seem to get it right (I play the computer game, the board game is a little too complicated for me)

    I find it always ends in a Stalemate, but again the rules confuse me.

  • I play the board game and haven’t played the computer game but sure ask away.

  • Yea diplomacy….Axis and Allies orignial is so much better than pacific or europe because they’re both waaaaay too lopsided. Original is just right, if you have the correct strategies. But diplomacy is also fun. I’ve only played it a couple of times but it is just as fun as A&A was the first couple…

  • i have diplomacy, but i can never really find enough players for it. not enough people have heard of it where i live and the few friends that ddo know how to play would rather spend their weekends playing cpu. we all agree, there needs to be eight players to run a decent diplomacy game. 7 for each of the countries and one mediatior, as the rules call them i think.

    in AAE, when the germans take over convoy routes, do the germans gain ipcs, or just prevent the allies from getting them? And does anyone have any good strats for germany? i always have trouble. i can almost have russia beat, then wham! D-day. then im screwed.

  • A&A original is far better than pacific and europe put together.as for diplomacy not enough players is a problem i run into quite a bit . that’s why it’s so cool when i get to play it.

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